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replacement of function in backend

  • replacement of function in backend
  • Hi,

    it is possible to replace some controls in backend for better usage of system.

    For example ---
    The Files area. It´s a joke to have a upload control which allows me to upload 3 files. We will see here a nice silverlight upload panel.
    The upload control for Media and Videos.
    This are silverlight controls and they work. But the design is bad and functinality is minimum.

    The Editor
    Its only a web Editor - That says all. Our idea here is to use the Telerik Silverlight Editor with nice Image Editor.

    I need some ideas how we can do it with the Sitefinity CMS.

    Thanks Jens

    Ps We have a telerik Premium Collection for .NET license
  • Hello,

    The Files area.
    There is add button to add 100 files to be uploaded at once.

    The upload control for Media and Videos.
    This requires a modfications of the base FileUploadField that is calling the upload handler because the current upload is using RadUploadHandler. Create new upload handler (if the control is using such) for the related modifications of client component scripts. I can give you the implementation of the current upload field in support ticket since its a lot of code. 

    If just the styles of how the upload looks like need to be modified all styles are applied from Sitefinity backend theme which is available from Sitefinity SDK. Modify the them and use it instead of the default theme following this documentation. 

    The Editor
    To change the field which is a customized version of RadEditor specific for Sitefinity needs a new field control should be added that will implement the new functionality. To change the editor there are two options.
    Go to Administration->Settings->Advanced->ContentView->Controls->(select a module for example news)->NewsBackend->Views->NewsBackendEdit->Sections->MainSection->Content and find the textbox field type where the editor is registered "Telerik.Sitefinity.Web.UI.Fields.HtmlField".Replacing it will require implementing a new control. I can send you the implementation of the HtmlField in a support ticket.
    Another way is to create a field control with the silverlight control required. Here is post which is part of series of blog posts about field controls in Sitefinity.

    Note all this this can prove to be tramendous effort.

    Stanislav Velikov
    the Telerik team
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  • 327221_upload-not-real-multiselect.jpg
    The Files area.

    Take a look on my picture. I can add a lot of files. But i have to add every file with an own selection.
    This is not multiselect. This is webselcet from the 80ties.

    Sorry for that , but this kind of small issuse make normal Users unhappy.

    Thanks for the rest. I have to study the Ideas you send me.