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Add more features to Small Business Edition similar to Kentico CMS

  • Add more features to Small Business Edition similar to Kentico CMS
  • If you look at a competing CMS such as Kentico CMS, they offer many more features in their Small Business Edition than what Sitefinity CMS currently offers in their Small Business Edition: 

    Among the most notable features are the following:

    1.  Forum support
    2.  On-line Forms (maximum of 10 forms)
    3.  E-commerce with support up to 100 products

    The new pricing model for Sitefinity v. 4.x makes features previously available to Sitefinity v. 3.7 customers completely inaccessible.  

    In this economy where Small Businesses are pinching every penny, Sitefinity v. 4.x customers simply cannot afford to pay for Standard Edition or Professional edition nor live without necessary features such as Forms, Polls and Forums.  

    I have seen numerous Small Businesses opt for alternatives such as Kentico CMS, Orchard CMS or numerous other affordable ASP.Net CMS systems because Sitefinity CMS is no longer a wise choice based on cost and feature set.

    Therefore, please bring back these necessary features so that customers can once again choose Sitefinity CMS.
  • Dear Samir

    While it is true that some features are still missing from 3.7 some of the things we have in SF 4.4 have not been available in 3.7.

    3.7 was 999$ if I remember correct. 4.4 SE is 1999$ an 1000$ increase but well worth it if you need the extra features. Concerning E-commerce - I am using a free version because of the extra price tag 2'500 USD for an small business is impossible.

    I work mostly for SBE where the 499$ for the SBE is an issue every time. But I tell you If Kentico, Typo3, Joomla would pay me 500 USD for each CMS sold to MY clients I would still go with SF since the usability is so much better. 

    I have one show firms with clients that do cut grass most of the time and would not be considered the computer freaks who after 2 hours working with them can administrate the site (even if they were 2 weeks on vacation). And I want long term relationships where the clients are  100% happy with what I have sold them.

    I was looking at kentico and even when there feature list is impressive the usability is so far behind that I will for my clients sake take SF over Kentico any time.

    SF 4.4 is way better then 4.0 was and if the next 12 month bring as much improvements then we have the best CMS in the world back in our hands.

    Don't get me wrong I don't work for Telerik and have been complaining and wining enough in these forums that sometimes I think I need to go underground. 

    But: SF is simply from a usability wise the best CMS out there. 

    That's just how I see it


  • While Sitefinity may have greater usability, most companies view "usability" as very low on their list of business requirements.  Things like "I want to be able to easily create surveys or on-line business forms or create a simply e-commerce site for registration, shopping etc." generally rank higher on the list of business requirements and for the feature set and cost for Small Business Edition, Sitefinity CMS loses all around.  

    In addition, companies are not willing to sacrifice on performance either.  When you run Sitefinity v. 3.7x, you can easily notice great usability and very good performance as well.  However, when you run SItefinity v. 4.x, you have decent usability and terrible performance.  In addition, when you look at the minimum memory requirements of 500 MB or more for the application pool, Sitefinity v. 4.x practically rules out most cost-effective hosting providers.  Suddenly, a site that can easily be hosted for $5/month now will cost $20/month or more to effectively host Sitefinity.  When compared to a CMS such as Orchard CMS (which uses no Silverlight) and is blazing fast in comparison to Sitefinity (and can be hosted for $5/mo), businesses see a purchase of a Sitefinity License (Small Business or Standard edition) as a losing situation no matter how you view it.
  • Dear Samir
    Well that's the great thing about the internet . Freedom of coice. Whatever CMS suites one purposes can be used.
    Take care.
  • Mark, you said that you use some free e-commerce products. Can you please share with us what are you using for e-commerce? And how well it integrates with sitefinity CMS.

    Thanks, Denis.