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HierarchicalContentView Filtering

  • HierarchicalContentView Filtering
  • With the new Hierarchical feature within Module Builder, you have also introduced a new view control for the Hierarchical relationships. This is a very nice control for displaying the data. One thing that I have noticed with this control is in regards to setting a FilterExpression. This control allows you to set a filter expression through the advanced properties but it is somewhat global. What I mean by this is that when you set the filter, your filter is for the parent and all child item lists. This does not work under most scenarios. Most of the time you are wanting to filter your parent and child data on different fields.

    Another feature for this control is to be able to select parent items based on child data criteria. Here are some scenarios.
    Shows =>
    Shows (parent) -> Show Dates (child)
    Have the ability to select shows when there are still show dates that have not passed.

    Homes =>
    Community (parent) -> Properties (child)
    Have the ability to only show those community where there are still properties available for sale.