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HierarchicalTaxonField sucks part 2

  • HierarchicalTaxonField sucks part 2
  • Ok, so I have an old and probably forgotten post that shows when you use the HierarchicalTaxonField widget in a template (it's there by default) it generates an absurd amount of markup.

    Okay, so I thought perhaps it was related to browse and edit, so I shut that off, but NO!  With browse and edit off, and this control on my page assuming I have 5000 categories...the page renders 5000 INVISIBLE categories into an invisible (on the client) RadTreeView!  Which not only means an asscrapton of markup, but also the RadTreeView scrips, etc etc (one would assume)...and the only thing thats being actually displayed on the page is the couple of categories in PLAIN TEXT.

    wtf, lol, etc etc???

    Can someone please get onto improving this?  Its a default control on all your templates and so logically is bloating everyones markup whether they know it or not.