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Polish SBE Administration Language Settings

  • Polish SBE Administration Language Settings
  • SBE has only 1 Language - No Problem with that.

    However having the ability to add more front end languages and setting defaults is a bit confusing. Unless you could have multiple languages in a SBE but only display one at the time.

    Same for backend languages

    You can add multiple backend languages make one of them default but uploading a language file just overwrites whatever

    a) how about asking on creation of first page: Your default front-end language is EN would you like starting adding pages in that language or set a different language.

    b1) how about opening up the multiple backend languages for SBE (I know I have requested that before). Even if you could only have one at the time at least the upload of language files would go to the right resources.

    b2) If Teleik stays firm that SBE should have only one backend language. Then at least remove the option of adding other languages which is still confusing. Kind of you can have any 3 colors but all are black.


    PS: I don't even know what would happen if I created my german pages in a SBE with EN set as default. Go to Admin - Languages add German, Set German as default and Remove EN. Would I loose all my previously created pages, since they were in EN or language invariant. If I loose them would they come back if adding en again.
  • I created a new sf5 sp1 project and added a SBE licence. 

    Now in this new project there is no option to set different front-end languages
    See => sf_languages_01.png

    However as SBE online with the same SBE licence also running 5.1 SP1 show the add languages.
    See => sf_languages_02.png and sf_langauges_03.png

    However if I remember correct the second project was also started with 5.1

    Any idea why I see different things on SB Editions?