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Allow indexes to be scheduled

  • Allow indexes to be scheduled
  • Our new main index which contains document search maxes the servers CPU out and renders the site totally unusable.  So I've got to stay up to log in tonight at 2am to kick it off...not fun :/
  • @Steve
    LOL. Hey I am in Switzerland. Want me to do it for you :-)
    As they say you have to take the good with the bad. Indexing files grate. workload less great. 

    When you save a page isn't the index updated right away? How about documents when you upload them do you have to manually reindex?

  • Supposed to yeah, but I dont know if it reindexes the entire system or just adds in the new bits

    When I publish a page, or upload a doc, workload on the server doesn't change at all...but clicking reindex brings it to its knees