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    At the moment to have your CSS applied to the RadEditor you need to change the toolsconfig.xml file as seen in attachment.

    I know that this probably has to be that way since SF uses the editor out of the box. 

    a) it would be nice if this path could be set somewhere without knowledge of the tools file
    b) it would also be nice if we could have a seperate toolsfile.xml for the standard editor instead of having just the default one.

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    You actually do NOT have to do that :) ...prepare to have your mind blown...you can configure a ton of stuff outside the toolsfile

  • @Steve

    Thank's. Somewhen in the past I must have known about this but forgotten.

    Glad to be able to use some extra brain here.


    PS: I tried to thank earlier but Chrome does not eat my responses at the moment.