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News Widget Author not set shows owner name.

  • News Widget Author not set shows owner name.
  • It seems to me that if you do not fill in the Autor in a News section then the name of the person how published the news is shown by the default widgets.

    I would assume that if you don't fill in the Author then there might be a reason behind it and you don't want the name of some internal (no offence) visible there.

    If this indeed the case I think it would be nice if the default widgets would not display an author if non was specified.

    Acutally I would rather have this treated as an bug then a feature request. When no Author is given - none should be shown!

  • Hello,

     Sorry for the inconvenience. The default widget templates use the following line to call for the content Publisher and/or author:

    <sf:PersonProfileView ID="PersonProfileView1" runat="server" />
    If you wish to only display the author and leave it blank when there is not one specified you can replace the above line with the following: 
    <sitefinity:TextField runat="server" DisplayMode="Read" Value='<%# Eval("Author")%>' />

    This will only display the author if there is one specified for the news item. You can access this from your dashboard by going to Design > Widget Templates and selecting the template you are using for your news article. Please let me know if you need any additional assistance in getting this to work for you. All the best,
    Patrick Dunn
    the Telerik team
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    Hi ,

    Thanks for great information. I am using list view item (List Settings in Front-end) for displaying news list on my page. It is working fine and showing news list properly on live page. but, problem is that It shows also Owner Name as Author name while not writing author name in Author Name box. We do not want to display owner name as author name. I am using Sitefinity 8.0. 
    Can you please suggest me how can I do this? Thanks.. Please ASAP