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Finish the TaxonomyControl please

  • Finish the TaxonomyControl please
  • Taxonomy control problems
    1) No custom designer, although it appears as if one has been started
    2) With the lowercase IIS SEO rule enabled, the control breaks
    3) The template allows rendering as a menu and treeview, but the control doesnt support it yet (only vert, horiz, cloud)
    4) Hierarchy mode should allow me to drill down and have the control reflect where I am in the tree.  <category root>/recipes/soup/ the list should know soup is where I am, show me all the children of soup in the list, not everything again.  This is a more standard category browsing mode than literally showing a treeview...who even does treeview.
    5) Get rid of the field and taxonomy type in the url, or allow me to remove them, then let me specify those in the masterlist view controls...they're ugly in the url.
  • Hi,

    Thank you for your input.  Your suggestions have been submitted to PITS.

    You can review and vote on the issue at the following url:

    Good Day Mate,
    Courtney Wilson
    the Telerik team
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