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Markdown Interface Widget for Long Text Fields

  • Markdown Interface Widget for Long Text Fields
  • The rich text editor (WYSIWYG) offers writer users more formatting control than is necessary. It is way too easy for just any user to enter HTML markup and override the template look and feel by introducing novel design patterns.

    Markdown text area support as an alternative option for the Long Text field type would be ideal and very well suited to SiteFinity's ability to structure content with custom modules. Please consider adding support for Markdown.
  • Hello,

    The markdown field is indeed having very impressing functionality tough sitefintiy now is tightly integrated with its editor which is RadEditor (another Telerik product) and there is a big value in using other company products in sitefintiy as this allows on fast reaction in integration and addition of features. And so far the addition of images, documents, videos, url resolving are tightly integrated with the use of RadEditor as sitefinity uses it to create its own control called HtmlField which is the default editor in various areas in sitefinity.

    The editor in sitefintiy by default have many editing options tough those can be controlled, removed and customized from Administration->Settings->Text Editor to edit all editing options available to make the oulook of the editor not so complicated.

    The markdown widget can be used instead of the built in content field in each module by creating custom field control that will use markdown as its widget for entering data and passing html.

    Stanislav Velikov
    the Telerik team
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  • I also think markdown (with a live preview) is much easier for users than RadEditor, and also keeps the format in line with the rest of the site.