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SEO fields for news and blog items

  • Hello,

    All you need to do is change the if clause in the Action Filter below and check whether the type is "DynamicContentController".

    Velizar Bishurov
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  • I'm using the action filter solution in Velizar Bishurov's post but with blog posts instead of news and it is rendering the opengraph tags.  However, whenever I visit a non blog post page it is adding the meta tags for the blog post I had previously visited.  It seems like the action filter is being reused across requests and causing the problem.  Setting OgTitle to null in OnActionExecuting before the if statement seems to fix the issue but it seems like there might be a race condition that could cause the wrong title to be loaded if a second request is made to a different page before the OnPagePreRenderCompleteEventHandler is called.  Would this be the case and if so is there a solution for race condition?