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Widgets - Can you hide them from users?

  • Widgets - Can you hide them from users?
  • Does anyone know if there is a way to hide the widget editor from certain roles?
    I have been able to add permissions so users are unable to drag and drop them onto a page, but I would rather hide that feature instead of disabling.  I only want the administrators to be able to add widgets and layouts.

  • Thank you. I'm a little hesitant to open a .zip file and install it on our server.  What does that file contain?  Thanks,.
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    Dear Tanya

    4) Put the files Global.asax and Global.asax.cs (zipped and attached to this message) in the root of your Sitefinity website. 

    So I would assume there is a Global.asax and Global.asax.cs file in it :-)

    But you are right. It could be that you have your own global.asax file already with some stuff in it and it would make sense to save the ziped files outside your project and compare your global asax and the one from telerik to see the differences and merge them when/where needed.

    It's good that you have such a feature but I assume no one would actually know how to do it if you even have to change your global asax.

    So would it be possible to add the DissallowedRoles by default with either no value so this would be in place already and add some help text instructing us on how we have to change the .asax.

    Me for now I know that this is possible thanks to this thread. But if I ever need it in 6 month I will spend 10 - 20 min searching for this thread again.

  • The zip file appears to be missing.  Can it be reposted? Has the solution to the problem changed?



  • Hello Tanya,

    In order to disable specifics widgets to specific roles, you can follow this instructions:

    1) Go to Administration->Settings and click the Advanced settings link.

    2) Locate the Toolboxes section in the list and navigate to ContentToolboxSection. You will see all the different sections corresponding to the widget toolbox inside of ContentToolboxSection->Tools  as shown in the following image

    3) For each section you want to disable, define a parameter with key "DisallowedRoles" . The value field will have the list of Roles you want to disable (separated by comma),  as shown in the following picture.

    4) Put the files Global.asax and Global.asax.cs (zipped and attached to this message) in the root of your Sitefinity website.


    Junior Dominguez


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