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Canonical URLs

  • I have a custom content call 'publications' which I list on a page e.g. site/publications.

    I have a separate page to show the detailed for for each publication e.g. site/publications/publication

    I don't want the detail to display on the main page, so I've followed the instructions to disable the Canonical URLs on the page and widget level, but google still picks up the URL of the publication on the first page, which isn't displaying as I would like it.

    Is there something I'm missing? Why is it still creating the URLs to the main page when I'm disabling it?

  • Have you checked what get generated in the Sitemap?  Check to see if the "detail" page is truly set as the default location for the content type.  On the listing screen click settings then "Pages where items like this are published".

    Then set the correct order of the pages.