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Disable dynamic content urls

  • I have a custom content widget list on a page, but I want to disable the auto generated URLs it produces.

    List of offices on ~/offices listing all our offices

    I don't want the URLs ~/offices/head-office 

    Sitefinity 11.2

  • Anyone?

  • Anyone?

  • Hey, can you please elaborate on what you're trying to achieve. So you don't like the offices details Urls such as "~/offices/head-office", but how do you want them - do you want to go to another page, or apply different Url structure or don't have details at all?

    Please share more info to see what you're trying to accomplish.


  • I simply don't want the URL structure under that page.

  • Create another page with the name(urk) that you want, sitefinity uses the url-name of the content item as the detail url, so if you want the final url to be ~/office/head-office create a page at the site root called "Office", hide that page from navigation.  On the Offices page under the single item settings in the content widget Open Single Item in ... 'Select Existing Page' then select "Office" page. this will result in the final URL being ~/office/head-office.

  • Thank, but can I disable the auto generated URLs?

  • To accomplish this hide hide the content item from the Sitemap (property on the content item).  Then in the listing template remove the link to the item detail, that should address it.

  • It still has the url after doing this.

    Is there any documentation around this functionality?

  • Finally found this:


    Adding QueryString under Edit > Advanced > Model > UrlKeyPrefix

  • I still haven't found a solution.

    To reiterate, I have a custom content widget on a page displaying content.


    Sitefinity automatically creates URLs of this content:


    I don't want this. How can I disable this URL?