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Issue in Marketo Connector Services

  • Hi,

    We have integrated Marketo connector with sitefinity 10.1. We configure them with SOAP API.

    while upgrading jQuery in frontend from 1.12.3 to 3.4.0 causing an error which is thrown by WebResources.axd
    and the error we got is "jQuery(...).unload is not a function", which is returned by marketo services.

    This issue is occurred in below script:
    MarketoSubmitScript = {
        _settings: null,
        _formFields: null,
        _submittedSitefinityForm: null,
        _explicitlyProvidedSitefinityFormId: null,
        _sitefinityFormValidationCompletedDelegate: null,
        _documentReadyDelegate: null,

        /* --------------------------------- set up and tear down ---------------------------- */

        load: function (settings, formManagerFieldId) {
            if (typeof jQuery !== "undefined") {
                this._settings = settings;
                this._documentReadyDelegate = jQuery.proxy(function () {
                    var that = this;
                    setTimeout(function () {
                    }, 1);
                }, this);

                // Prevent memory leaks
                jQuery(this).unload(function () {

                    if (this._documentReadyDelegate) {
                        delete this._documentReadyDelegate;


    We get the old jQuery functions and responses from marketing SOAP API response. Because of this  we are not being able to integrate marketo to Sitefinity successfully.

  • If you use the out of the box jQuery does the connector function as intended?

  • what exactly do you mean? Can you please elaborate more on the same???