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What is the meaning of Sitefinity?

  • What is the meaning of Sitefinity?
  • Hello everyone

    I'm new to Sitefinity, and I was wondering, what it means? Is it composes of Site + Infinity which then made abbreviated to Sitefinity? For example, Joomla is a foreign word meaning All Together,  and modem is made of Modulator + Demodulator.

  • I love this question.  I'm asking some of the old timers (who are no doubt younger than me) to get the backstory.

    I also assumed it was a combination of "Site" as in "Web site" and "Infinity" as in "You can do anything with it".  Beyond that, it's a product name that wasn't already taken...which is always a challenge with product naming.

    I'll wait for a reply on this and post more details if I get them.

    Gabe Sumner
    Telerik | Sitefinity CMS

  • I think someone at Telerik was a bit of a Buzz Lightyear fan.

    It's all about being an application development platform that you can build on...

    "To Sitefinity... and beyond!"


  • Matt hit the nail on the head - that's exactly how the name was coined. We wanted the name to speak out loud that Sitefinity is the end of typical websites and the systems that manage them. Our goal was to create an Internet platform that you can endlessly extend and mold to the needs of your business and which is open to other external systems and web-based services. Web 2.0 and beyond so to say:)

    It took us quite a few years to implement our vision but 4.0 is coming very close to what we had envisioned once upon a time.
  • Part of what I love about Telerik is that the CEO is still part of the tech community, great stuff Vassil.

    Sitefinity 4 is very exciting and it's great to see that Telerik are so behind making it a truly revolutionary platform for application development, it is going to be awesome!

  • Hello,

    I found some old piece of paper with name suggestions from back in the days when the name was still "in the works". I could post them if you want :)