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Sitefinity 4.0 Pricing WAY TOO HIGH

  • Sitefinity 4.0 Pricing WAY TOO HIGH
  • HI,

    I just went to your new 4.0 Pricing Page and am blown away by how expensive you are making it

    I really like that you have a version for $499 (although for what you get, even that seems a bit high), but I have lots of sites that are 80-125 pages and would have to pay TWO THOUSAND dollars for a licence.  There's no way that will fly with my clients, many of whom are non-profits with tight budgets (especially in this economy)!

    The other problem is you don't have any developer pricing where we get discounts if we have all our clients on your product.  There should, as I suggested a while ago in a ticket, be a model where we can buy a developer license and then be able to buy domain licenses at a substantial discount.  Below is the email i sent (based on your $899 pricing model).

    Since we have been using Sitefinity for a couple of years we actually have very little in the way of support requirements and when we do have a question that you answer, we can apply that knowledge or fix to all our clients, saving you time and money.
    This is the reason to have a developer license, but I understand that when you have a developer license you don't get paid per domain, just per developer.  Might I suggest that with your 4.x model you implement something in between your old and your new model that would work for people like us.
    I'm thinking of some sort of a developer license that is a per-year fee (maybe similar to your old model of $1,250 to buy and half that to renew each year) and then a much reduced fee per license.  That way you can keep your per top-level domain licensing but also not lose your shirt on the support.
    Let's say that you offered 60% off each domain and support had to go through the developer then a developer would need to buy at least 3 domains before they were saving any money ( (1250+360+360+360)/3) = $777 per domain.  This would, however, make your developers very happy, if they are looking to move more clients to your platform.
    If a client wanted to move away and take their licence and no longer be under me as the developer, they would need to purchase the difference in the support & upgrades contract from you directly.  Otherwise they would be on their own.

    Now that you are charging at least $2,000 for anyone who wants a real site using Sitefinity,  the above model might need to be changed.  I don't see how I can possibly stay with Telerik & Sitefinity if these are really the prices and I hope you reconsider your pricing model!


    Ben Alexandra
    (Longtime Sitefinity & Telerik User)
  • Wow, I couldn't agree more!! Telerik/Sitefinity has just lost a very loyal customer.

    The ideal usage and target client for me requires the Standard license (unlimited pages being the key) but for $2,000 there's no way in hell my clients would pay that nor would I ever recommend that to a client. 

    I know a developer has to make their money back on time spent developing, so the best of luck to you Telerik, but you won't be getting my $ anymore unless there is a serious change to your pricing model.

    Disappointed to have waited over a year for SF4 only to find out it's been priced out of my range...

    So, any recommendations on competitive products that don't break the bank? Umbraco? 

    Bye bye...
  • Thanks for the reply, Phill.  Well put.  We all love Sitefinity's product and 4.0 looks great, but they are way off on their pricing.  Let's hope they reconsider.  Otherwise yes, I am looking at Umbraco and other free or much cheaper ASP.NET alternatives.

    Good luck!

  • As a long time user of Sitefinity I was pretty dissapointed after the Webinar today. I was mostly interested in pricing. When I work on larger projects I often ask my clients to get a license to RadControls for any other developers on the project.

    My anticipation was that there would be some (reasonably priced) model for those of us that do many sites. A server license or another type of developer license.

    This model really pushes the pricing up for any reasonable site from 899 to 2000 and for a busines that will have 6 or 7 people adding content on it during a given day, it's now pushed up to 8000! Dissapointing.

    I would, at minimum, prefer to see the idea of 'concurrent users' and 'limited pages' removed. I can see features, like the forms builder, or workflow left out of the lower priced editions, but page limits?

    Just downloaded a copy of Umbraco and will be checking that out today. It's a shame to see that Kentico is now a better deal price-wise than Sitefinity.
  • Nolonger supports Sitefinity or Telerik
    The cost of the tools per seat are too expensive too. It was okay with a fair priced cms but this is ridiculous. 

    My excitement about SF has turned to sh@%!

  • I couldn't agree more. Sitefinity has got this pricing absolutely wrong. Even after lets say if one pays $2000 there is a restriction like 5 concurrent users. Just does not make sense. We have clients where in there are different people managing different stuff and they all just keep signed in all day. Sitefinity needs to rethink their pricing or else they are loosing one more valuable customer and many more future projects.

    How can we even propose to customers to upgrade current sitefinity projects to 4.0 by paying more and get restrictions like concurrent admin users etc which they are not use to as such restrictions are not there in current version of 3.7. My company has already started discussions of positioning other cms for future prospects. I am really disappointed. I loved sitefinity and want it to be very successful. SITEFINITY RETHINK PRICING STRUCTURE.
  • I agree, Raj et. al with what you are saying.  I would like to reassure Sitefinity, though, that we all love your product and I am pretty sure we ALL want to stay with you so please don't take these comments the wrong way in regards to the product.  This is strictly us being realistic about what we can pay and what our clients can pay.  To go from a product that costs $900 in version 3.7 for the full package to one that costs $20,000 for the full version in 4.0 is just crazy!!!  I know you've redesigned it all and added new features but that's a 22X increase overnight!  This might be great for your new customers who are looking for a "high-end" (aka expensive) CMS and you are positioning yourself in that arena, but you are going to alienate your ENTIRE existing user base that you have worked so hard to cultivate over the past 5+ years.

    Please reconsider!


  • I think you guys are way off, read Vassils responses in the other post, you are getting a TON of things for the $2000 price tag.  You only need to go $8000 premium if you need advanced workflow, and I really doubt almost anyone but the corporate of corporates needs the source code for the $20,000.

    I initially had sticker shock as well, but sitting back and really thinking about it, the SBE fits all my needs for a small business project.  I'm just holding out hope that they give 2 concurrent users on that following that I can sell 4.0 to clients at almost 1/2 the price I do now.  If I'm going for a larger client then that I think I can sell them on standard just by showing them the page editor which blows away anything on the market right now.

    5 Concurrent users means 5 people editing pages, not 5 logged in site users...I can see that being fine in a standard edition...UNLESS the page editing is so cool more people want to play with it.
  • This will kill our company
    We have been walking around talking about how great Telerik was for the last 18 months. How are we going to explain this doubling in price to our clients when we were talking about a $1000 for the best version last month? Please take off the 8,000 and 20,000 dollar versions and replace it with a call for enquiry.  The perception is now that they pay twice as much and get a version that is missing good stuff. 

  • ...but what are you missing with standard?

    Windows Workflow 4 and 5 more concurrent backend page editing users?...literally that's all...if you consider the base to be the $8000 premium, then the $2000 is a bargain.

    Do you NEED to pay $8,000 or $20,000?
  • I know $1000 is a substantial amount of money on a personal level; however, for a business to throw their hands in the air for this seems unreasonable. If all someone looks at is the price and wants the most expensive because for some reason they think they may need everything in it someday, then it now becomes a sales job to explain that they don't. Futhermore in alot of cases there is a good chance a verison that is actually cheaper and has considerable new features may work. Personally, I don't want to have to enquire. I just want to know what the price is.

  • Seems to me Telerik's target audience has changed. Simple as that.
    The new pricing policy aims at larger software houses and larger corporations.
    For us mortal beings a $2,000 or $5,000 price tags translate into $20,000 to $50,000 projects we would have to try selling to potential clients. How many companies are likely to buy that?
    If I were to dump my old Volvo and go buy a new one, I'm sure I'd have a price range in mind based on what I paid a few years back. If then I'd learn that price range could buy me only a two-seater with a 10,000 mile annual limit, I'd understand that the Volvo company has other customers in mind.
    These are marketing decisions.
    We now have to deal with it.
  • I agree I have just quoted 4 customers on Sitefinity which to be honest I am going to have to reconsider. We already apply a rule that budget sites below a certain cost we use Wordpress for and that price band has now changed!


    Are the Radcontrols going to go the same way.

  • I have developed numerous sites with sitefinity.  I mostly deal with small businesses with a small budget.  My clients don't usually have more than 100 pages in the sites.  I guess telerik isn't targeting this segment at all.

    I have built several sitefinity standard for the clients who can afford it (and they have renewed for a couple of years already.), but there are also some small businesses and start-ups those cannot afford (or simply refuse) to pay more than $1,000 for a web project.

    While I understand telerik is not a charity and sitefinity is better than the open source alternatives out there.  I am not asking you to provide the product for free, but would you consider an "express" edition that is $199 and requires the display of telerik's / sitefinity's logo? Many clients do not actually mind the logo that much.  You can keep the $499 small business edition for those companies who have slightly better budget.  For the clients who used the standard edition, I guess they will have to settle with the small business edition--they simply won't agree to pay $2,000 for a new license.  The renewal would probably cost more anyway.

    With many good enough and free open source products out there, it is hard to recommend even the$499 small business edition, especially considering the restrictions it has.  I wish I can tell them that they can't get a decent CMS with a $1,000 budget, but there are actually many solution providers who can deliver a decent product at that price.  

    Sitefinity has been the CMS of choice for me as a developer.  The UI is much simpler to use than many alternatives and I like how I can leverage my c# skills to create additional, customized modules for my clients.  I guess that means I will have to learn a few more open source products Drupal Joomla N2 Umbraco to stay competitive.