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  • I'm starting this thread to find out whether Telerik understands the type of customers that patronize Sitefinity CMS. Maybe then they are more willing to change their price points. So are you or the organisation you're in a Small - Medium sized Business or a large corporate?

    Please express whether you deal with 1) Small Business, Medium seized or large Corporate? and 2) whether your end-clients can be 'sold' on the new SF4. And finally 3) will you be now 'in the market' for other alternatives - as such be looking to move your end-clients off to the alternative provider?

    My assumption was that Sitefinty customers were more Developer, Technology and Digital Agency type Companies who then on-sold the Sitifinity CMS onto end-clients. Therefore a pricing structure around development license would be advantageous.

    It seems however my ass-umption - sorry couldn't resist - is incorrect and that majority of Sitefinity customers are more of the Organisation type customer who then hires Developers and Agencies to then put together a site for that organisation. Otherwise I don't understand the price points versus the feature set. As other competitors provide more for less buck.

    Even if I was a large Tech company - who could afford the price points - why would I? given that Telerik gives awesome tools to build my own and sell that. This leads me to my assumption above that Companies that patronize Sitefinity do so because they can make money with the cream on top of the Sitefinity CMS. However the price points released gives - not only the lion's share -  but the whole elephant itself to Telerik. If that is the strategy they want to move ahead with the new release, then well maybe we 'collectively' can get a bailout from the government. 

    Otherwise please express to Telerik that a Developer type licence structure can be a win-win strategy to further our Partnership with a great company.