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  • Ehm... am I right we could download SF 4.0 RC today?
    Or am I to early?

    Sorry. Just can't wait to start with it.

  • They changed the date (again) on the SiteFinity landing page. It's ruining my life actually and I now have to launch a series of 30 sites using 3.7 instead of 4.0 RC. Talk about suck.
  • Hi Keith,

    Well, I must admit that I wouldn't 'upgrade' 30 sites to a RC version?
    Why would you do that?

  • Not upgrade, build new. Because why build on an old standard? Plus 4.0 uses .net and windows workflow 4...which is more compatible with another part of our system.
  • Okay, but it is still a RC version, so even if they say you can start develop with it, you wouldn't use it in production, right?

    Besides... it just 2 days... ;)

  • Daniel,

    It is not "2 more days".  This is not the first time they have pushed the date back, and to be honest, it makes it look like the 4.0 release is being badly managed.  Why put out dates that you can't commit to?  Why change the date TWICE?  "It's out when it's out" is one thing - but if you put out dates you need to be sure.  Especially after changing them.

    Dates are for planning.  Keith has obviously planned things around dates that Telerik put out.  Telerik needs to get better at this.
  • Hey guys,

    Well, I don't know how projects are managed within Telerik. I do know that it probably has a good reason and that I think Telerik is a company that at least is pretty 'open', due to releases, support and taking feedback seriously.

    Keith is planning 'things' around the release of the RC version, which personally, I wouldn't recommend. The date for the official release it something else. That is something you should rely on.

    Well, that's my idea about it. Man, you guys sound so frustrated?! I hope things are working out for you and the projects.

    @Keith: 30 websites? I must say I'm a bit jealous ;)

  • Still waitIng for the download link! - The main page SAYS 4.0 RC, but when you go there, the download links still point to 4.0 beta 2.  Please Sitefinity, stop toying with us.  First you said it would be available at the time of the webinar last week, then it was Tuesday, then it was Thursday (today), but it still does not appear.  I am almost ready (along with all he other frustrations of the 4.0 licensing), to move along and start using DNN or Joomla!
  • Hello

    I must say that we are taking the feedback seriously. Most of the functionality found in the 4.0 release (RC at this stage) is implemented per your requests.

    We confirm that there will be a RC release today, so stay tuned :)

    Sincerely yours,
    the Telerik team
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  • When is this going to be released today?  It's obviously going to be the afternoon shortly ;).
  • OMG...now you're really killing me with the RC link that's still the Beta 2 download.
  • Soon.  They are creating the RC build now.  Give us a couple hours to get it posted.

    Gabe Sumner
    Telerik | Sitefinity CMS
  • Yay! Congrats for getting it up!