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Admin Session Timeouts Frequently

  • I spoke with discount asp and confirmed that it is indeed the memory issue causing the constant app pool recycles.  This is what they had to say.

    "The application is indeed being recycled due to memory usage. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do as we do not offer accounts with more than 200MB's of memory at this time. Im sorry we could not accommodate your request.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Thank you,


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  • Maybe should also state some minium hardware requirements.

    I feel like the shared hosting solutions are going down the drain with 4.0 - somehow I feel like 4.0 needs a lot more serverside then 3.7 - To me 3.7 might was  a hassle to set up but easy to run with my provider. Now for its the other way around. easy to set up but hard to run :-)

    Happy New Year to all of you

    And I guess to all Teleriks SF Stuff good look for the January 14th (you need it :)

  • Hi Michael and Markus,

    We are aware of the 200 MB limit for shared hosting providers. We have set up a test environment for this case where the website memory should not exceed this amount. We are testing the memory consumption of Sitefinity and have it on the plan to optimize memory usage.

    Radoslav Georgiev
    the Telerik team
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  • Any updates if this fix is going to make RTM?
  • Do you have the option to use SQL Server to store session state?  Then, the session would stay around even when the app pool recycles.
  • Yes, i've tried that, doesn't help at all, still have the same problems everytime the app pool recyles, the uploads just hang forever, i have the refresh the page, click through a bunch of return 0 popup windows(# of pop ups depends on # of uploads that didn't work) then it still logs you out and you have to re log in again.
  • was this fixed in the RTM released on friday?????
  • This issues is not resolved in RTM yet. As a result of which, we nearly had a disastrous weekend at the AZGiveCamp.

    At our GiveCamp, 4 teams were suppossed to use Sitefinity for their projects. We spent entire friday trying to set up websites on Verio. Then Saturday morning, we bought a Virtual Private Server account on GoDaddy thinking there might be some problem with Verio.

    We created a seperate Application Pool for each of the websites. It started working correctly. However, after 15 - 20 mins, all the websites crashed. We went back and forth with Telerik and finally they confirmed it was a bug in Sitefinity and not hosting providers.

    Gabe Sumner logged the error here :

    GiveCamp is 48 hrs and we've wasted critical 20 hrs in setting up Sitefinity. Finally, two teams moved to Orchard CMS, One team dropped from the camp ( too less time to create anything worthwhile, they are going to spend another weekend to finish the project ) and finally one team struck with Sitefinity CMS and finished the project on a dedicated server. 

    At this point, only one Sitefinity Website can run on a server, even if it is dedicated.... 

    Guess it's not yet ready for Prime Time....
  • Hi Larry.

    Sorry for the troubles with Sitefinity at GiveCamp.  If you're interested in some back story, feel free to read my personal blog.


    But to address the technical specifics of your post:

    Sitefinity does not require it's own dedicated machine.  Several teams have live web sites running (right now) on shared hosting (Verio &  However, caps these shared hosting accounts at 200MB and Sitefinity's Admin UI is exceeding those limits.  This results in recycling issues; which then cause login issues.  These issues are currently being investigated.

    With regard to several Sitefinity instances running in a virtual machine;  it will work fine but memory limits still apply. As mentioned above, Sitefinity instances can consume more than 200MB per web site.  In my experience, these virtual machines are often memory limited (your virtual machine OS is also using your memory allocation) and it's difficult to stack too many web sites on these virtual machines.


    The last thing we wanted to do was handicap GiveCamp teams.  I'm not happy with the lost productivity or that teams were subjected to these issues.

    However, there were workarounds.  Several teams compensated, through the weekend, by running the dev. web site & database on their local machine.  They were then able to deploy these web sites at the conclusion of the weekend.  This prevented these issues from being a hindrance during the event.   This is also a solution I intend to promote heavily in the future.  Bandwidth at these events is always scarce and reliance on remote resources perpetually proves to be problematic during development.

    In any event, I apologize again for these issues.  We're working hard to resolve all reported issues.

    Gabe Sumner
    Telerik | Sitefinity CMS
  • Dear Gabe

    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately - the comment about exceeding 200 MB is a big issue. My ISP for example limits to 100 MB on Shared hosting. This would mean for any SBE I would need to get a VServer which of cours adds more to the cost in addition to SF.

    I sure hope that you guys will be able to optimize SF Admin UI so all us small buisness, shared hosting client developers will not be standing in the rain.

  • Is this bug at least being worked on as a very high priority bug?  Even if a site was fully developed on a devs machine locally then put onto shared hosting, if that site ever had to get edited or added to by the client once the company designing the site was done, they would run into the same exact issues we are seeing now.  That is not a viable solution at all.  I can't even create a simple form on sitefinity 4.0 using without it hitting the 200mb limit and kicking me out every 5 minutes.  Its extremely frustrating and time consuming.  My clients are extreamly frustrated and so are my developers. Not to mention file uploads, page creation, user creation, etc.

  • Having the same issue with a DiscountASP hosted site.  Just wanted to subscribe to the thread.

    As far is being logged out every 15-20 minutes... that sounds luxurious, we are being logged out about every 5 minutes.

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  • Markus:  Unfortunately - the comment about exceeding 200 MB is a big issue. My ISP for example limits to 100 MB on Shared hosting. This would mean for any SBE I would need to get a VServer which of cours adds more to the cost in addition to SF.

    Hey Markus, I'll ask the team but I doubt we'll ever aim to fully support 100MB.  There might be opportunities to disable parts of the CMS, but 100MB is really restrictive.  Given the availability of low-cost shared hosting plans with more memory, I would have trouble making an argument that 100MB is worth aiming for.  That's my $0.02.

    What are your thoughts?

    Michael: Is this bug at least being worked on as a very high priority bug?

    Very high priority, yes.  This is roughly divided into 2 challenges.  1) Getting Sitefinity to run in a smaller memory footprint.  2) Preventing Sitefinity from losing track of the logins when an application recycle is forced due to memory allocation.  

    Both issues are being actively investigated.  We hope to release a patch in the coming weeks.

    Gabe Sumner
    Telerik | Sitefinity CMS 

  • Does this memory issue affect the live site at all, or only the admin side?  Will site-visitors experience any problem with a Sitefinity 4x site hosted on DiscountASP?
  • Here is the official word from DiscountASP. I was a little surprised that they were not more helpful as they are a Sitefinity Hosting Partner.



    Thank you for contacting DiscountASP.NET.

    The reason why you are being signed-out of your application is because your application pool is recycling due to the 200 MB memory limit that we have in place on our Windows Server 2008/IIS 7 servers to maintain overall system performance.

    One of the most common workarounds to maintain session information is to enable and then use SQL Server Session State Management and for some more information, please review the following DiscountASP.NET Knowledge Base article:

    It would be best to contact the software vendor first just to verify that there won't be any conflicts or issues with the installation of the schema.

    If you decide that you'd like to proceed, please confirm the name of the database that you would like to have the SQL Server Session State Management schema installed on.

    Thank you,


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