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Telerik.CMS - Where is it?

  • Telerik.CMS - Where is it?
  • i'm evaluating the community edition of sitefinity 4, trying to access sitemap to create a left menu navigation dynamically. I came across few samples that utilize the name space Telerik.CMS. I couldn't find that dll locally in the bin folder or in GAC. Please advise where this dll can be downloaded from.
  • mihir,

    The Telerik.CMS assembly has been replaced with the Telerik.Sitefinity assembly.

    You should also investigate the Sitefinity 4.0 Navigation widget, because it is one of the most useful improvements I've seen in Sitefinity 4.0.  The pre-defined formats (ex. vertical menu of select items) are convenient and allows for the creation of sidebar menues with full control over which pages to include on it.