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Adding User Control "Could not load type ''"

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Adding User Control "Could not load type ''"

  • Adding User Control "Could not load type ''"
  • I followed the instructions in the documentation word for word, and when I drag the control from the side bar to the page content editor, the error: "Could not load type ''" pops up.
    The user control is blank except for text, no extra logic -> created in visual studio, added text, that's it....
    ? Am I missing something, do I have to use a different base class than System.Web.UI.UserControl, or add some reference to the project? Totally lost one why this is happening when I followed the doc...
  • Hello Chris,

    Most probably the control has not been registered properly or you have not build the application after the changes you made.

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
  • Had to rebuild the solution. Go figure :S  Thanks!
  • use CodeFile='abc.ascx.cs' instead of CodeBehind='abc.ascx.cs' this will compile the file as it loads it 
  • Thanks Ofir.  I am adding my control to a live site and can't build the solution. Was banging my head on this. Thanks again for the real world solution.