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Successful Shared Hosting Deployments?

  • Successful Shared Hosting Deployments?
  • Has anyone had a successful production deployment to a shared hosting environment?

    If so, where did you host?  And would you be willing to share your experiences?

  • Yes, I used Arvixe.  They were kind enough to help us with the orphaned web sites from GiveCamp.

    I'm hesitant to say much more, since I work for Telerik and don't want to be biased towards 1 of our hosting partners.  However, they have very affordable hosting accounts that support 4.x.  I also found their Control Panels to be very useful in the midst of the process.  I'm greatly appreciative for their help.

    Gabe Sumner
    Telerik | Sitefinity CMS
  • @Bryan

    I also host with No problem. Great value and every simply works. Tryed the Shard Hosting first and liked the company so much I ordered a VPS.

    So far no complains only compliments from my side.

  • Thanks again, Markus (and Gabe), for your suggestion.  I took your advice and the deployment went off without a hitch.  The inbound FTP is painfully slow though.  Transfer rate is about 52 KB/s.
  • Dear Bryan

    Just checked on my VPS and PersonalClass both are around 250 kb/s.

    You will see a short drop to 19 kb when I stoped the movie to switch the FTP to upload to PersonalClass.

    So you might have just had a unlucky day, a temporary glitch or someone else standing on the line somewhere :-)

    Greatings Markus
  • Interesting.

    This account is on their shared hosting so my guess is they throttle it down big time.  I uploaded over a gig of stuff (between the sitefinity app itself and a very media-heavy database) and the uploads started out at about 600 KB/s then after about 2 seconds dropped to a very predictable 52.  No's only time right?  It gave me a chance to go get lunch, get a pedicure, catch a movie and have a nap.  An enjoyable afternoon in the end ;-).

  • Bryan,

    How has your experience been with Arvixie?  I've been through 2 shared hosting providers so far and haven't been happy.  First I tried seedotnet (a Sitefinity partner) and was very disappointing.  They had great customer service but went down at least once a week.  Recently, I switched to WinHost.  They were more reliable and had a decent control panel but they don't offer a plan that's powerful enough for Sitefinity.  They offer a 30 day money back gurantee so I thought I would try them even though I knew Sitefinity would be underpowered.  Sitefinity requires a min of 500MB memory and the most you can get through WinHost is 200MB.  They won't let you purchase more memory either.  Sitefinity is painfully slow at 200MB so I'm looking for someone else.   
  • I had the same experience as you in trying other hosting companies.  We tried DiscountASP and Intermedia and both fell WAY short.  Arvixe has been fine so far.  Good uptime and sufficient resources at an affordable price.  I would recommend them for a Sitefinity project.
  • We have been using the Arvixe business plan with SF 4.x (recently upgraded to 4.3) and are very disappointed with the performance. We have tons of timeouts on the backend (specially when updating shared content). They also never mention on their site that the SQL server version that you get is SQL server express ( they simply mention SQL Server 2008). Based on our experience the bottleneck seems to be the database which is not surprising given that Arvixe runs SQL on the same box as the web front end instead of having a completely separate SQL server box.
    Based on our experience I certainly cannot recommend Arvixe to anyone.
  • Dear Hugo

    Just wondering. Have you talked to Arvixe Support? What did they tell you? now states a min. requirement of 512 MB.

  • Hi Markus,

    Thanks for your reply. We have contacted Arvixe support in a number of occasions but, by the time they get involved, the site is back up again so they say "everything seems to be running normally". We are extremely disappointed with the overal experience and with the amount of time it takes to do anything with the backend.

    We are aware of the 512MB requirements but, given that Arvixe is one of the Telerik's recommended hosting providers for SF 4.X and that they clearly state that they "fully adhere to all SiteFinity 4 hosting requirements" (, we assumed that they are aware of that requirement as well.

    I cannot state strongly enough on how disappointed we are with SiteFinity running in Arvixe and my recommendation is still to stay well away from them.

    Best Regards,
  • Hello,

    I'm sorry to hear you've experienced performance problems with your site when running on shared hosting. Generally most of the performance issues in such scenarios are related to the limited memory available for the application pool, which leads to frequent site recycling. If this is the case, please check your web.config file. There you must set a machine key for your website. This is necessary with shared hosting providers, otherwise you will experience issues as described in this article: FormsAuthentication, HttpModules, Machinekey, application pool recycling, encryption benchmarks, and the 'Remember me' checkbox. You might also take a look at our Tips for optimizing performance.
    Let me elaborate a little bit on the latter. The default output cache we have set for pages is 120 seconds, and is using sliding expiration, which means that once the page is loaded in your browser's cache, this cached version will expire in 2 minutes after the last request made to it, and the next request will be served from the server, not cache.
    On the other hand, you might want to check the intervals your application pool recycles (i.e. the site needs to compile again) - these can be controlled from IIS, the default value being 1740minutes.

    By default Sitefinity provides both output cache, and through its OpenAccess ORM uses data caching for content retrieved from the database, so unless you have disabled any of these explicitly, there should be not problems with your site's performance. I'll be listing some things you might want to check below:

    1. Please check if you are requesting any external resources (e.g. fonts, javascript, images)
    2. Use FireBug or some other developer's tool to check if all images, and CSS on your site is being properly loaded from cache. By default once cached they should.
    3. Make sure some of the resources on your pages are not blocked. I'm attaching a sample screenshot demonstrating how a blocked resource will look in FireBug. Here is a very good explanation on several topics why blocking occurs. The blocking appears to be caused by simultaneous loading of many items and the browser allows only a certain ( 6 for Firefox) at a time. Observing other websites it appears to be a common scenario when many resources have to be loaded.
    4. You might request on some information about the hardware configuration of you server, and if it allows you to use only a limited amount of memory(RAM) or it is using all?
    5. Set static files expiration in IIS to a different value so that static files are not loaded every time from your project folder in order to be sent to the requesting client. This is mainly concerning .png images that take about a second each time page is requested.
    6. As performance gets better when the site gets visited and the corresponding loads are about 3-5 seconds it may be a good option to write a crawler that will visit your site at some time interval in order to prevent the first user performance hit. Here is a sample tutorial + complete code of a web crawler.

    I hope the above information helps you achieve the desired performance results, please do not hesitate to let us know if any issues persist

    All the best,
    Boyan Barnev
    the Telerik team
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  • I write this while - once again - waiting for one of my pages to 'attempt' to publish. I currently get about 1 in 5 successful publishes. I have tried the recommendations in the article explained above, did nothing but waste yet more time. We are on Arvixe and the performance using the back-end is appalling. Most of the time it times out, then I get just get a string of errors, e.g "row locking issues", then "database create permissions", "Return code xxx".

    Please - can someone from Telerik, tell us how to get the site performing well on shared hosting ? If it can't, please be honest and we will stop "trying".

    Have to say my experience, with SF 4 has been an absolute joke.
  • Dear Mark

    What hosting plan are you on with Arvixe?

    Have you talked to Arvixe support. What was the anwer? I have 8 sites running SF 4.3 or 4.4 (mostly low traffic) but have not seen above 300 MB of Ram usage since 4.2.

    Can you give us the public url so one can have a look at it?