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Win32Exception Application not found

  • Win32Exception Application not found
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    On my windows 7 computer, I am now receiving this error every time i try to open a project using the SF project Manager 4.0 sp1. I think i have started to get this error, after i uninstalled Google Chrome, but don't know if that is the real reason. Pretty new to Sitefinity and have no clue how to resolve this. I have already repaired my version of SF and Visual Studio. Help!
  • Hello Ravish,

    Did you try running the Project manager as an Administrator? Can you please try downloading the project manager in your Downloads section from your Sitefinity account and replacing the Sitefinity.exe file in your installation folder .
    Also, are you able to open a project via VS or IIS, so that we can eliminate any problems related to your projects?

    All the best,
    Boyan Barnev
    the Telerik team

  • Its working now, thanks!
  • Just in case anyone has this problem!

    It's something to do with multiple browsers/Google.  Just go in to IE settings and set it as default browser.  Seemed to remove the problem for me!
  • Thanks Richard. That worked for me too!