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Module upgrade to 4.1

  • Module upgrade to 4.1
  • Hi There,

    I'm trying to upgrade my modules to 4.1, but the lack of documentation is making it worse than pulling teeth. I'm following the post but the code is not easy to follow. Which assembly references do I need to add. In which namspace does OpenAccessFluentMappingBase and ContentBaseMetadataSource. Very frustrating having to work wit this level of documentation, and then Telerik has the nerve to state in another forum post that the 4.1 SDK is not nessary as they already did the above mentioned post to help us. 
  • I'm in the same boat, Jean.  Hoping for some samples, some extended examples, something beyond that blog post and the videos.  I'm just sitting around refreshing the blog posts hoping for some Telerik responses.

    - William
  • @William, The guys at Sitefinity seems to assume we were all part of building Sitefinity, so hence we should know the namespaces by heart, and also just know how to use their code. Seems that we will have to wait for the SDK to be released, however with their release track record I won't hold my breath for next week.
  • Hi Jean and William,

    I understand your pain. We anticipated that these changes in OpenAccess would eventually lead to issues like yours and this is why I published the blog post you mentioned, some time before the release, so that guys like you could know beforehand this was coming. Unfortunately even this is not enough and we know it.

    Historically we've released SDK and samples in it together with the product, but this failed for other reasons. We didn't allow ourselves enough time to go through all samples and change them to work with the newly released version of Sitefinity. This is why we decided to release the SDK a while after Sitefinity itself and we are doing our best to deliver it to you next week. We are learning from all the feedback you guys send all the time, and we are thankful for it. The SDK is still a baby product, but we have put your need for samples and guidance as our top priority and I can assure you in the next months we'll clear our all problems and continue to support you and provide new development resources.

    To answer your specific questions (I also answered one of them in the comments after the mentioned blog post):

    These are the assembly references you need in your module:

    • Telerik.OpenAccess
    • Telerik.OpenAccess.35.Extensions
    • Telerik.Sitefinity
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Model
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Resources
    • Telerik.Sitefinity.Utilities
    • Telerik.Web.UI (if you are using RadControls)
    The OpenAccessFluentMappingBase class is in the Telerik.Sitefinity namespace.
    The ContentBaseMetadataSource class is in the Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.GenericContent.Data namespace.

    When you have added the assembly references, there are easy ways to include missing namespaces, even without knowing what they are.
    For scenarios like these, I would highly recommend using JustCode - it is a great Visual Studio plugin which can automatically resolve the namespaces when you have a reference to the respective assemblies. Also, Visual Studio can do this (just hit Ctrl + dot when the cursor is on the class you need to import a using for).
    Thank you both for the patience until we resolve these issues.

    the Telerik team

  • Slavo,

    Apologies for the double posting (I posted this as a comment on your blog post), but I know people follow along these forum threads and thought it might be useful.  I was told in a support ticket to modify my project file with:

      <OpenAccessPath>C:\tfs\SitefinityProject\Sitefinity 4.0\OfficialSDK\Content\Common\Dependencies\</OpenAccessPath>
    <Import Condition="Exists('$(OpenAccessPath)\OpenAccess.targets')" Project="$(OpenAccessPath)\OpenAccess.targets" />

    Replacing the stuff in yellow with pointers to my local enhance.exe file.  Is that also required for every module you build?


    - Wiliam
  • Hello William,

    Yes, you have to specify this path for every project using OpenAccess. Now that we released the SDK, if you create the module using the Visual Studio wizard, this will be done automatically for you.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team