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Sooooooo slow!

  • Sooooooo slow!
  • Hi,

    I've been using SF4 for about 5 months and I just cannot believe how slow it is, not the frontend so much, but trying to work in the backend and use the modules is just unbelieveably slow - sometimes I go into a module such as news, click on a news article to edit and have to wait 2-3 minutes for the next screen to load, in fact sometimes it just doesnt load and I have to repeat the process.

    Does anyone else have this problem? And can Telerik advise whether this is majorly improved in the 4.1 release? I have seen figures stating "now 35% faster", but even 35% wouldnt change this much!

  • Hello higgsy,

    Does this problem persists if you use our Project Manager? I have not see such delay so far in our modules. How many items you have? Which views you are trying to open?

    Best wishes,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

  • Hi all,

    I just wanted to say that it appears to be Firefox 4 that is slow, not SF.

  • I must say, I thought the latest release was a bit slow, but did not post
    because I though it might be me. Speed-wise it is definitely not better,
    but I might be wrong.


  • I can second that, I upgraded our clients site to the latest version over the weekend and I come in today to find out that the backend is really slow. Having tested I can confirm.

    Can someone from Telerik/Sitefinity team respond please.
  • Hi There,

    Just run fidler or simlair tool and you will see the amount of requests going back and forth to the server. It is due to using the RESTFull WCF methods. If you are optimizing a site, the general rule is less requests to the server is better (YSlow). Using RESTFull WCF would still be cool if you could split the admin from the website e.g. have a dedicated server for content editing/publishing and a dedicated farm to server browsing. Just my 2 cents worth...
  • Can I ask,

    Is there a list of things that I can do (configuration-wise) to speed it up
    a bit? I literally clicked the Publish button, went downstairs to the kitchen 
    to get a glass of water, came back up and I still had to wait a bit. I am sure
    I am doing something wrong. Could it be my PC?

  • @Andrei

    Well you could get a bigger house where the kitchen is further away. That way publishing would be finished by the time you return. (Sorry had to write that)

    I have sometimes wait periods but never had one over a minute.

    In order to know if it is your computer we would have to know the speed of your internet connection as well as the specs of your computer.

    In you see what the traffic is and therefore find out more about what is taking long to load and especially what amount of date is beeing transfered. Many times you have 1 MB going  back and forth - so your internet connection could be a bottle neck.

    PageSpeed with Chrome for example also gives a good input what can be optimized.

    Sorry that I am not able to help more.


    PS: If a bigger house is no option you could fix a sandwich instead of the glass of wather. That would also work :-)
  • @Markus Berchtold

    Thanks for your help. I will get a bigger house I think, with a bigger kitchen and a nice sandwich toaster
    as well, just to be sure. If that does not work, then I don't know what else will.

    Many thanks,

  • This week I had a client asking me to do some changes to the website that i have developed for them a while ago. It is built on top of Siteifnity 3.7 so again I had a chance to play around with the old version and it appeared to me that I really miss the good old days. Although you get to experience continuous postbacks throughout the CMS but you still find it responsive.

    I think you didn't really need a large house to work on Sitefinity 3.7 but definitely not a room in a dorm.

    I think the Sitefinity team should really consider focusing on what is there and drastically improving it in the next few releases instead of setting a roadmap full of astonishing features but built on top of a product that might end up running as slow as a giant tortoise.

    Rather, give us something that we can build on that could run as fast as a ferrari and we will do a great job customizing it. We are really good at that. Not only we will be tremendously thankful to you, but also our work will be truthfully appreciated by our clients.

    Finger crossed for the coming months, and always counting on the commitment and the tremendous effort that the Sitefinity team is dedicating for the next release(s).


  • Hi George,

    Thanks for your honest opinion. 
    In every major release or a service pack until now, we were delivering some performance improvement. This will continue with each new version as well. It's important the system has the potential, and we are addressing the main pain points quickly.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team
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  • Sitefinity 4 has been a huge disappointment from a company that I think very highly of. It was released embarrassingly behind schedule. I had egg on my face several times by mentioning released timeframes to clients only to be let down. Now that it has been released, it is hugely plagued with problems. Rarely am I seeing any praise of it on forums of blog posts. Mostly reports of every problem under the sun and rants about pricing structure, performance, and convoluted development practices. 

    I was on the team that developed what I am sure is the largest Sifefinity 3.7 site out there (top 10 U.S. government site). I loved the product and plugged it every chance I got. Unfortunately, that is not the case with 4. I even have had clients asking to be reverted back to 3. I cannot recommend SF in any good conscience as it exists today and am looking for another CMS.

    Projects are taking way too long. I still cannot overcome the incredible performance problems in the back end. The entire system comes to a crawl when there is any sort of load. And, my support overhead is through the roof (mostly due to performance and hosting issues). In my opinion, version 4 had drug the Sitefinity name through the mud and it will be difficult to recover. 

    I think people trusted the product too quickly because of the success of previous versions. This is the risk you take with a complete rewrite of a product. These issues need to be fix VERY quickly or you risk losing all of you best sales people - developers.
  • We did have issues with the speed of the back-end when developing/debugging -- if the databases are not on localhost, it is very slow.    Whenever we're in development, we'll make a copy of the client database to our local machines and have the sql there, change our config and then it's super fast.

    Overall though, quite happy with sitefinity 4 :)


  • Hello Eric,

    Thanks for the feedback. I am not sure if you are following all the service packs and updates we are providing - although we are not fixing everything possible, I think we are quite fast with the updates. Won't you agree, that almost every update is making the system more stable and fast?

    the Telerik team
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