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Downgrade to pre-4.0 SP1

  • Downgrade to pre-4.0 SP1
  • So since SP1 broke all news/search/blog etc custom templates (ie using the layouttemplate path in the controls to use your own)  and since i'm not going to even attempt to upgrade my site to 4.1 due to all the problems everyone else is having, and since you went and change the api on us ( the main module of my site would totally break as well.  IS there any way to downgrade the project to the build before SP1 since at least at that point in time, *** sort of worked? 
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  • Hi,

    1. You should have backup of the old database
    2. You can replace the bin folder with the dlls from an older version and then connect the database through DataConfig.

    Generally this should return the project to its initial stage.

    Kind regards,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team

  • So i have to lose all the changes made between that update and now... wonderful.  any chance u are going to fix the q1 release anytime soon
  • Hi Michael,

    If you have a dedicated or VPS you can upgrade directly on it, so you will not loose data. If you don't have dedicated server you can use database merge tools. In both cases you will not loose data.

    Best wishes,
    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team