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Published Site and Changes not showing in Browser

  • Published Site and Changes not showing in Browser
  • From Site Manager I have published an entire site, and published updates to pages in another one,
    but when we view the sites in a browser, or use Browse in IIS the changes are not there.
    IISRESET made no difference.

    Is there an additional step to "Publish" to get it to show up outside of the SF Project Manager?
    We are using a Trial Enterprise license, but part of the content was showing up but not the latest.
    Changes were published several hours ago.

    thank you for helping out!
  • Hi Jorge,

    Check if the issue is related to the page caching or NLB( if you use it). Check also whether there is IIS caching feature turned on. Do you have problems if you run the same websites on another machine under IIS?

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
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  • Thank you Ivan.
    We are not using NLB, yet, and there is nothing in the "Output Caching" for the Default Web Site and both of the sitefinity sites in
    IIS (Windows server 2008).

    When we delete a page it goes away immediately, but any changes to the existing site, or the entire newly published site does not show up in IIS-Browse or in a browser on the server or remotely.

    It only shows the old versions of the sites.
    As a side note I did have to run aspnet_regiis to get them to display initially, no later changes have shown up and IISRESET did not make any difference (though that should not be needed for Publish anyway).

    thanks again
  • Hello Jorge,

    I have not seen this behavior. If you can open a support request and send the project to us we will test it locally.

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
    Do you want to have your say in the Sitefinity development roadmap? Do you want to know when a feature you requested is added or when a bug fixed? Explore the Telerik Public Issue Tracking system and vote to affect the priority of the items
  • Hi Telrik,

    I am using sitefinity 7.2 version and have different URLs on website hosted on production.

    When i made content changes on page , it is getting effected for south Africa but where as in other countries it is not happening and all countries URLs are from the same website and hosted on same environment.

    Can some one help us on this issue.

    Note: in development environment , we are not facing any issues and for all countries we are able to edit content and able to see immediately.  





  • Hi,

    Any update on my query as it is a bit urgent. Request some one to help me out .



    Malyadri Gundavarapu

  • This issue could be one of many things and being on an old version doesn't help.

    I can only guess you have multiple servers involved. Perhaps some custom widget. Cache dependency has not been taken into account????

    You are using multi language??? Or Multi Site??? Too many questions. 

    Ideally, you should open a support ticket with Progress and pass them a copy of your project so they can help you out quickly.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the response. below are the details. sorry to say this , as per the policies of old mutual , we could not share the project. hence request you to consider my constraint and suggest as per the below mentioned environment.

    sitefinity version : 7.2

    Hosting website : hosted in two servers for load balancing with same environment.

    Production server operating system: windows 2008 R2

    database server : SQL Server 2012              

    IIS Version :7.0

    website type : Multisite ( single solution with multiple different pages and those are referring to multiple web URLS and not multi language)

    cache settings were taken care as common across website.

    facing problem with all the browsers and not only with internet explorer.

    working with below URL when we edit content it is getting reflected on fly with all environments (Production/development/test) for South Africa country

    Base URL : (it is for south Africa country where we can edit content and it is getting reflected on fly.

    URL :

    (it is for Namibia country where we can not able to see edited content on fly but it is showing after some time like 24 hours later on production website where it is working fine on development / test environment i.e. edited content is reflecting on fly.

    Note: both URLs ( and are referring same solution and having same configurations all the.

    Issue : edited content not showing post publish on production website for Namibia URL where as it is working fine in development and test environments.

    Now you have got all inputs hence requesting you to suggest me on this issue on high priority base it would be great help to me.


    Malyadri Gundavarapu





  • Hi Malyadri

    First, do note that this is a community support forum and not a progress support. 

    The content you are updating. Is it from built in Sitefinity controls. Like the content editor. These controls will provide cache invalidation out of he box.

    If you are updating custom controls\widgets then you need to have written into the control any cache invalidation code your self.

    As I understand it you update a page and all your SA pages update across your two servers but your NA ones don't.

    I would have thought the SA and NA pages are different and so you need to both.

    But you say hey do update eventually.

    Are you updating module content, like the news?

    SF 7.2 multisite may have a known issue for your particular problem. The answer may be to upgrade. SF is on release 10 now and alot has changed.

    I would first look to try publishing both pages to force the cache invalidation. 

    I would still suggest you look at getting support. (I presume your license and support has expired) Perhaps look to hire a consultant to look at your system and senerio or talk to Progress about renewing your license and getting support back so they can look at it.

    Disclaimer: I am a SF Consultant and work at times for Progress Professional Services.

  • Hi Malyadri,

    You problem looks like cache invalidation issue because Sitefinity is configured wrong for load balancer environment.

    You need to do that, because SF doesn't have shared cache. Each server has their own in-memory cache.

    Simple flow how cache invalidation should work:

    1) You changed something on server A,

    2) Cache invalidated on server A automatically.

    3) Then server A should send request to server B, server C and other  to invalidate their cache and take latest changes from DB.


    Please check this articles: and configure your websites.