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Email notification of Form submission

  • Email notification of Form submission
  • I can't find how to do this anywhere.

    I've found a couple of threads about customising the control to allow the user to select where the form is send to, but surely I don't have to do that to get a bog-standard form to notify a fixed addressee, do I?

    If I do I'd love to hear an argument in favour of all of the effort that went in to developing the Forms module in the first place.

  • As of right now forms doesn't have notifications...

    However, there is a marketplace add-on which you can use in the meantime.

    I'm not sure if that'll be in SP2, but I don't see it on the Q2 roadmap
  • Unreal.

    Thanks for the update Steve.

  • Sorry boss :)  It's been admitted that SF4 isn't feature complete yet, they're playing catch up (which is why they extended the renewal dates).  I think the goal is to build form submissions into the workflow engine.

    But who knows...maybe we WILL get it in SP2
  • I was just creating a contact form for our first Sitefinity-based website and hit this problem too. I thought I was going crazy as there didn't appear to be a form property for the "submissions email address" and the documentation makes no mention of it.

    Thanks for the link to the Forums Module Notification, I'll check it out.
  • Does anyone know if this feature has been implemented in SF5? Or do we still have to use the marketplace add-on?
  • add-on :/
  • Any word whether this exists in 6?
  • Yep doable since about what...5.4 ?
  • I can't believe this is still an issue! And I still get notification emails about it 2 years later! It's an absolute and fundamental requirement for a web form: not everyone who needs to receive these emails should have a Sitefinity user account. Indeed, some recipients may well not be people at all (automated systems, CRM, ticket systems etc.)

    I have to say this is one many infuriating reasons that led us to abandon Sitefinity.
  • As a subscription yes that is built in but what everyone including myself is asking for is the ability to send the form results to an email address.  For the intranet that we have in place there are a variety of compliance and security forms that need to be filled on a daily or even hourly basis. I would like the results of those forms to be submitted to a mailing list or more generic mailing address rather then a specific person.

    My solution is to make a "dummy account" with the desired email then log in and subscribe with that dummy account. But that then means that I have to maintain a list of those accounts somewhere along with the login information. I have enough usernames and passwords in my head I  don't need more to compensate for the lack of a fundamental feature.
  • I agree.
    As a very small shop that installs intranets and extranets for a living we have to be very frugal how we spend our time and this is not helping in the decision to invest in learning the Sitefinity ecosystem.
  • Hi guys,

    There is a form extension widget available on our marketplace that should be able to accommodate additional scenarios. You can check it out here:

    Atanas Valchev
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