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Adding ECommerce to 4.2 (Standard)

  • Adding ECommerce to 4.2 (Standard)
  • I have the opposite question to a recent post here, how do I get the eCommerce menu to appear in 4.2 as it's not displayed for me by default? I see "ECommerce" group page listed in the Backend Pages. If I select the Page Group and go to Title & Properties like I would a normal page, I see "Show in navigation" option there, but it's already selected so it should be displaying. (unselecting, publishing, and reselecting and publishing didn't fix).

    The issue may be that I've got this running using a existing Standard License but I want to try it out before committing to using it (there's no way I'm showing to client before thoroughly testing as I know there will be bugs, just have to see how serious). 

    Since I purchased this Standard License before April 19th it is supposed to come with access to the eCommerce module.

    So anyone know how I can get this running?

  • I also wonder answer of this question.
  • We ACTUALLY want to use this for a site, but I can't get anyone at telerik to not only tell me how to add it to an account, but I can't actually get anyone to RESPOND to an email or ticket on the's so amazingly odd

    Like we're leveraging the "free" part of it for early adopters (with the yearly renewal cost)...but we're willing to pay that

    ...but there's no way to get to get the addon applied...I've been asking for it to be applied for months.
  • Hi all, this company is really kidding with us: promoting ecommerce-module (not a product, only a module! ) since 8 months, announcing finally a rollout for last week, but - very confidential - customers are not allowed to participate. This all as long as we are ready to spend 2000 $ for an experiment. Emails about the 10% promotion - published at the brandnew sitefinity website - are not answered. Professionals? NO! What should we think about? - Maybe looking for an integration of release 5 for only 650 $ !!!! ;-((( Robert too
  • Guys, we promised to provide all Sitefinity 4 early adopters with a complimentary ecommerce module(on top of the subscription extension) and we will deliver on our promise. The time around every release is extremely busy and we wanted to make sure everything with the release is in place before we contact all eligible license holders about the complimentary ecommerce add-on. All eligible license holders will receive a personal email today.

    @ Robert
    The ecommerce release had nothing confidential about it. We had a public roadmap for months and a public preview a month before the release. We also held an introduction webinar. Anyone who was interested at seeing a pre-relase version was able to do so.
    Regarding not responding to emails in a timely manner, please allow us one full business day before claiming that we are not responsive.

    Martin Kirov

  • Hi,

    I normally don't like to nag about all kinds of things that aren't good about SF, since I realize some things need time to evolve and still I think it (will be) a great product.

    But regarding the ECommerce module, I'm not so happy actually. I've looked into the functionality and must say that this is not something that is worth $2000,-. Sorry. Maybe under the hood it is breathtaking because of the smart solutions and possibilities, but for now it is just a basic module. (compared to other solutions).

    Nice to have creditcard checkout, but hey, we're not all from the US. In europe you have to deal with some more systems. I can't extend paymentmethods or override them, to work with e.g. the dutch IDEAL. Please Telerik, don't shift focus to US customers. I always liked the fact that Telerik was a company from within Europe, understanding the challenges that european developers have to make.

    Well, back to the topic. It would be better if the ECommerce module is added to the SF Standard Edition and if that is not an option (what I wouldn't understand) then make it cheaper. If in a year or 2 more functionality is added, you can always make it more expensive.

    Why would I pay $2000,- for a module that isn't finished yet? All the nice stuff, that matters for a webshop, are promised in 'future releases'. Great! But that doesn't help me for now.

    Hopefully this is something that will be considered by Telerik as important to their existing customers.

  • @Martin
      I have an email from May 12 to sales, July 18 in a conversation with Vassil, and another with sales on August 10th, and a tweet on it sometime after the 10th in which the only person to respond was a non-telerik person.

    In all 3 cases it's like I sent an email into the ether...not even an acknowledgement response that an email was received; it's like e-commerce was your Area-51.

    So it's not like I haven't given a day for a response.  In fact on the 10th after the official release it's technically been now 3 days (at least 2 full business days).
  • Thank for the additional feedback guys.

    @ Daniel
    We realize that our ecommerce module is not mature yet, but we have a team dedicated to its development(which cannot be said for any other feature or module) so A LOT OF ECOMMERCE IMPROVEMENTS WILL BE DELIVERED QUICKLY. I know it seems that its cost/value ratio isn't the best for the moment, but please remember that we can't increase our prices every time we add more features. If we did it this way we'd have to increase the prices at least once per year and I am sure no one would like that. Furthermore, it would send the message that we are not a reliable vendor because you never know what we'll do next. Instead, we prefer to price the module what we believe it will be worth soon(i know it's less than ideal). Licenses come with a 1 year subscription and its value will be biggest for ecommerce compared to anything else in the system. That's a promise. Until then, we've given free ecommerce add-ons to all Sitefinity 4 early adopters and partners enjoy their discount on this module as well(so in that context we are talking about 20%-30% less than $1999).
    Regarding Europe vs US specific features, when we cannot do everything at once we need to prioritize. Europe is our #2 market(after the US) so that's how we prioritize region-specific features. Rest assured that for us serving the needs of our European customers is and will continue to be a top priority, it just make take a little time on this one.

    @ Steve
    I cannot guarantee a response from Telerik on Twitter, but it's a company policy that all emails sent to sales need to be answered within 1 business day. If you have not received a reply to an email, please forward these emails to me and I will look into it.

  • I had been called by Telerik last days. After this call, i downloaded the last release of Sitefinity. Ecommerce menu has been shown at top menu. Thanks.
  • What would be the way to implement my own payment method? Is this possible, if not, what would be an alternate solution? I've a number of webshop that could be implemented with the Sitefinity E-Commerce module, but it gets stuck on payment methods...

  • Hi Daniel Plomp,

    Adding your own Payment Method is not yet supported in Sitefinity eCommerce. However it is the first feature that we are going to add for Sitefinity 4.3.

    I apologize if it caused any inconvenience.

    Kind regards,
    Venkata Koppaka
    the Telerik team

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  • Good to hear. Is the roadmap yet defined?
  • @Daniel
      ...Is it killing you as much as it's killing me :)
  • Hi Daniel, Steve,

    We are still finalizing couple of things on our roadmap. We will have a roadmap available by early next  week.

    Best wishes,
    Venkata Koppaka
    the Telerik team

    Thank you for being the most amazing .NET community! Your unfailing support is what helps us charge forward! We'd appreciate your vote for Telerik in this year's DevProConnections Awards. We are competing in mind-blowing 20 categories and every vote counts! VOTE for Telerik NOW >>