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How to open a pop up from the home page

  • How to open a pop up from the home page
  • hello team,

    I want to open a pop window with one page. but when i try to open  a page with that is not working getting an error  404. the url is some thng like url="pageName".  but that is not working. Please help me in that.
    i am using the Published version of sitefinityProject and the published project url is some thing like

  • Hi Rohit,

    Here is a working sample that you can observe.

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
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  • Thanks Ivan for your answer but my problem in setting url in sitefinity for the pop up.i want to open a pop from home page of the sitefinity project.  i am setting the url like
    but that is not working then i tried with
    and this is also not working.
    Please tell me what should be the proper url to open a pop in sitefinty. The QuestionPage is not showing into navigation.

  • It needs the ClientID of the RadWindow so unless you explictly set ClientIDMode to Static, then at render the ID perhaps might not be RadWindow1

    Try this
    var windowID = $telerik.$("[id$='RadWindow1']").attr('id');
    radopen("QuestionPage",windowID );

    ...not sure what QuestionPage is a test change it to ""

    (there also needs to be a RadWindowManager on the page somewhere)

  • how can we set landing page user Role Wise in sitefinity? I want if my firstuser login then he/she will be redirect to page1. Second use who have different role, will redirect to page 2. Is it possible  using sitefinity cms?