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  • It seems the Sity Sync is for Enterprise only. So from the roadmap 4.4 main focus its Enterprice and E-Commerce. Sad I wished all other would have finaly gotton something for x-mas as well.


    PS: Has the forum with the change gotton super slow or is it just my feeling.  I know it does not matter but reading is not as easy as it was (gotten older) and if you look a the attached screenshot it seems short titles are prefered.

    Stange to me is that a input field for files gets added and the old stuff is still there.


  • I must admit, it took ages for the Forums to come up. This site is definitely slower, much slower.
    It is probably running on Sitefinity 4.x, that's why. The text is smaller as well, difficult to read.
    With regards to the Roadmap, what performance improvements are you promising? The customers are asking and I cannot answer them.
    On a positive note, the site looks much better.

    Just checked and it looks like it is still on Sitefinity 3.7, my mistake, in which case it should be much faster.
  • Also, I got an email of my own post. How do you turn that off? Thanks.
  • Dear Andrei

    Was that sarcastic?
    It is probably running on Sitefinity 4.x, that's why

    a) SF 4 does not have forums, remember
    b) please don't give telerik any ideas of migrating the site to 4.x. Let them focus on SF 

    <meta name="Generator" content="Sitefinity 3.7.2152.140:0" />

    But what does a redesign of a site without upgrading to 4.x tell you. Right, it takes a whole lot more then a migration tool to upgrade a 3.7 site.

    I liked the old design better and whished that all the workforce going in to the redesign would have gone into bugfixing SF and adding long missing features.


  • BTW. Getting notifications for your own posts must be a feature. Because someone testing the new forum would have noticed it, unlesss ....

    Look at it that way. At least you get mail once in a while.


    PS: I leard a term Ego Surfer. Someone who googles himself.
  • @Markus, no it was not sarcastic, just the way it is. At this moment in time, Sitefinity 4.x is much slower than Sitefinity 3.7. Having said that, version 4.3 is noticably faster. So Telerik is moving in the right direction, only I wish it would do a bit faster. In any case, if it was that bad, we would be here talking about it but be trying out other CMSes. The truth is, Sitefinity is still my prefered choice, and it takes much effort for me to say that.

    Since I do not use the Forums module, I did not know that.

    Receiving an email of your own post, gets your hopes up and then down again, which does not feel good. And yes, I have googled myself a couple of times before. Never again...
  • Just to give @Telerik an idea... from inside the "General Discussions" forum, I clicked the 'Forums' link and it took 1 minute and 11 seconds for it to go there.
  • I didn't realize the Site Sync was for enterprise customers only. I doubted you at first until I checked the edition comparison.

    I was excited for site synchronization. I'd like to say hopefully they'll reconsider, but I know they won't. Even if they did, I bet they'd only go down to the Professional license. Bummer...
  • The site sync only in Enterprise? Wow, what's the point? I'm not going to bring up the whole pricing issue but this product went from the "best bang for your buck" CMS out there to a CMS where apparently the "most popular" version is the $8000 version (I call marketing bull sh*t there). If someone is buying the $25,000 + (just a guess) Enterprise version, they're an organization with a huge team of developers can can write their own site sync tool, and their own module builder for that matter. The Sitefinity customers that needs this type of tool are the small dev shops that use the SMB or Pro version of Sitefinity. Again, Telerik will continue to cater to the small percentage of customers with deep pockets and ignore the rest of us.

    Anyone else getting a really annoying horizontal scroll on the text box for entering posts since the update? Can I have the old site back please?
  • Is there someone who actually owns an enterprise license? Too bad, this functionality is also skipped from the SE edition :(
  • Yup. Have the horizontal scroll bar. Using latest version of Chrome Browser. 
    The forum text editor is acting quite strangely.

    What? Site Sync only in Enterprise? It doesn't say on this roadmap:

    That is a bummer unless they are purposely limiting the number of installs
    to try it out on to work to out the bugs before making it available to the rest
    of us. But I'm sure this is wishful thinking.

    So that leave us with "Module Builder" as the feature in 4.4 to look forward to.
    That is still a pretty cool feature to be getting.

  • Yah, that horizontal bar is really annoying...

    But my question is then, if we don't get Site Sync, whats the proper way to get a site from my developer box to the production server after I make a small change and recompile it? Do I have to reupload everything, including the database if I add a widget or something? Thanks.

  • Hi Dan,
    If you look at the price/feature matrix you'll see that Site Syncronization is only available on the Enterprise version. If we were wrong someone from Telerik would have spoken up her to correct us.
    It's a bummer indeed as it would be a very nice addition to all versions of SF 4.4.
  • I also would like to know the answer to Eric's question: What is the best way to deploy changes if one doesn't use the Enterprise level site sync?