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  • Hardware Load Balancing Issues
  • I am attempting to get load balancing functional between two machines.
    NLB is not an option for us, as we are using hardware Barracuda load balancers.
    I have followed the installation steps, adding machine keys, adding the node names into the load balancing modules, listed in this document:


    I am having an issue with login sessions. If the load balancer directs me from node A to node B when I originally authenticated on node A, it directs me to a login page. When I try to login again, it says my session is already logged on, and forces me to log off that session. Once I am logged back on, the process randomly repeats itself.

    Has anyone had this issue?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    How do I keep the login session available to both machines? 
  • This is a common problem with load balancers. The primary issue being that your server session is stored in memory and when you go to a new server, your session does not exist on that machine.
    Workaround: In your Barracuda balancer look for a setting called "persistence" (affinity on some balancers). Persistence will use the request IP to forward the user to the same server as long as it's still available. Note: We had to disable some of the Load Balancing features in Sitefinity for it to play nice with our Balancer/DFS setup when the load was high.
    Complete Solution: The most complete solution would be to use a database to store your session information.

  • Thanks a million for the response, I'll have a look at the persistence settings on the balancer and give it a whirl.
  • Ran into the same situation.  Just couldn't get Sitefinity working properly on our load balancer, which runs on a round-robin configuration.  

    What we ended up doing was selecting one of our 4 servers and assigning that one the task of Sitefinity administration.  So we created a separate web site on that server, and set up redirects from the 4 "public" sites so that if anyone hit up the /sitefinity path, it would redirect to this sitefinity site running only on the third server.  Then we set up local hosts file entries to allow people to map directly to this web site, bypassing the load balancer.

    It might be a little wonky from an architecture standpoint, but we don't need loadbalancing for the back end, just the front-end.

  • What are the features that should be disabled in Load Balancing when the load was high?