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  • License Issue
  • While browsing my site, I occasionally get the page that pops up informing me that I am running the Trial Version of Sitefinity 4.3.  I have a registered copy and the license file resides in the App_Data/Sitefinity folder that sits out on our server.  I have also since upgraded to Sitefinity 4.4 so the fact that it is still showing that message and mentioning 4.3 is throwing me for a loop.  I have opened the project in Visual Studios and made sure the license file is included in the project and then performed a build.  I also checked the license status via the project manager and it is showing it with my proper info and says I'm running  Any ideas or more information that I need to give? 
  • what does it show when you are in the backend and you go to Administration -> Version... in the drop down box? What does it tell you there? That is on the live site I mean.
  • did you register your domain against your sitefinity license?
    you can manage domain register by log into your sitefinity account.
  • Andrei, In the License and Versioning page in the administration page I have the following:

    Standard Edition
    Date of activation:
    17 Sep 2011
    Product version:
    Customer name:
    Concurrent users:
    Published content items:
    Published Pages:
    Domains: (Our Domain Name) 

    JH, yes.  I haven't yet published this website to our live server.  It is being developed and accessed behind our firewall and I am accessing it right now by using the IP Address to that server.  Does the fact that it is not currently using the but instead the URL, affect the license?  I was thinking this initially, but the fact that the trial page is showing 4.3 instead of 4.4 was confusing to me.
  • drew, licenses are assigned against domain names. with Sitefinity 3.7, if you were using the IP address, it would supress the Trial Message. In Sitefinity 4.x it does not, so you will have to assign a domain name against whatever IP address you are using in teh Domain Controller or even on the Terminal as well, and use the domain name that the license is against.
  • Hello,

    As Andrey said, Sitefinity works with domains rather than with IP addresses. If you have registered a domain for your license but you are not ready to use it, you can activate it on a developer machine and then edit the hosts file to try to get rid of the trial message.

    Victor Velev
    the Telerik team
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