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Setting domain name for Community Edition license

  • Setting domain name for Community Edition license
  • Is there any way to set the domain name for the Community Edition license? I'm intermittently getting the "You are using a trial version of Sitefinity..." message.
  • Dear Dave
    I have never used the Community Edition but I would try the following.

    Log in at
    Click on Your Account (top right)
    On the right side click on 'Manage Sitefinity Keys'
    Scroll down. There should be a nice green button for Community Edition

    I assume then you can download the key as you would with any other edittion - log in into your SF site - Administration - License should be the right place then

  • Hi Markus,

    That works fine for the Pro version that I'm using for our corporate site, but there's no equivalent that I can see for the Community edition that I'm using for my personal site. When I go to the licensing screen in the backend and download the license, the domain is set to "localhost," which I assume is what's causing the trial nag screen to appear, though I could be mistaken about that.
  • did you find any solution about that please ? I have the same problem. 
  • We have the same problem. We are using Sitefinity Community Edition but we are getting the 'you are running a trial version of Sitefinity' message. In the license file under domains it says 'localhost' I can find no way on to change this domain. There is no 'Manage Sitefinity Keys' option that I can find.

    We have invested a lot of time in setting up our site in Sitefinity. We love using Sitefinity, and continuously recommend it to our partners, but if this problem persists we will be unable to continue using it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: Solved my own problem. Found a direct link to the Telerik License Management panel, where the domain name can be set and the license file downloaded: