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Blog Image being re-sized

  • Blog Image being re-sized
  • Hello,

    We set up our site with the sitefinity blog and have a "featured image" or maybe better known as an author image for each post.  We used this thread to get everything setup.  The ability to upload an image works perfectly, but the one issue we are having is that it is resizing my images down.

    Here's a rundown of what is going on and what I need:

    I have a 290px by 290px square to work with on the main blog page, I just want a featured image that is no smaller than that.  I can crop the ends of it off with css and overflow:hidden.

    Currently when I upload an image it is getting resized down to a smaller size.  If I right click and view image it shows the extension as .jpg.tmb every single time (or .png.tmb depending on the file).  I do not have any resizing options set on that media library or on that particular image, yet it is still adding the .tmb extension like I have it resized for thumbnail.

    I just need the full size image to upload and display there.  Is there something that was done in the thread above that is causing this that I didn't catch? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

    In the attachments you can see the size difference.  This even happens if I upload the image through the Content --> Images and just click "Choose from already uploaded" on the blog post page.

  • Hi Chris,

    If I understand you correctly you do not want to have the images resized when they are used ( after uploading them ). Unfortunately this is the default behaviour of Sitefinity, by resizing the images in the backend in order to keep the pages organized. What I can suggest you is to try and adjust the size of the images used in the backend.

    You can go to Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> Libraries -> Controls -> AlbumsBackend -> Views -> AlbumsBackendInsert -> Sections -> DefaultImgSizeSection -> Fields -> NewSize -> ChoicesConfig -> Item 1 -> Value and set it to 200 (or something else). Then you need to edit the resource for the text in the dropdown box - go to Administration -> Interface Labels & Messages and first click on "Images" in right column, then type "Thumbnail" in the search box. This will filter the "Thumbnail: 100 px width" resource text, which you can change to "Thumbnail: 200 px width". Save and recycle the app pool.

    All the best,
    Victor Velev
    the Telerik team
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  • This behavior still applies to 7.2.  I am doing this very same thing using two image fields described here - one for the list of posts, and one for the actual blog post.  Our blog layouts were designed with a specific size for each image so we need to be able to use the actual image that was uploaded and not a re-sized version.  

    Please advise and how this can be done.


  • Hello,

    When using the related media field: you can choose between a simple link and image widget to display the image in the widget template.

    In order to display the image in its original size, you can select simple link. This will generate a code snippet that will use the thumbnail url by default with an anchor for the image pointing to the original image. You can easily modify it to use the original media url, displaying the original image instead of the thumbnail: and this is the modification I have made to the snippet:

    Using the media url for the source will display the original image.

    Atanas Valchev
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