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slide images automatically

  • slide images automatically
  • Hello everyone,
    I want to develope image slideshow that automatically slides images on homepage.... Like we have slider on homepage of sitefinity's website.... Banner images change automatically there.... Please guide me experts, how to do this ??
    Regards & Thnks,
  • Nrv -

    Check out the Bytanium Slider in the marketplace - free and works great.

  • @Telerik
    Would it be so hard for Telerik to provide such an widget out of the box, so we would not have to worry about verions dependencies and stuff.
  • thanx for your kind replies . . it worked for me perfectly in new version also as i read ur comments there .... thnx a lot
  • Can somebody help me out on reducing the time span between the each image on slide show.

    Thanks in advance.