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Offline Licencing Problem

  • Offline Licencing Problem
  • Hi,
    I have problem with licencing Sitefinity 4.0. I bought Standard Licence. At first my sitefinity installed with 3.7 then I upgraded to 4.0 then sometimes it shows a white page that telling me Im using Trial Version when I using frontend page but i already installed licence with .lic file. And my site works offline I mean Intranet, my web server cant access internet.
    So how can I solve this problem? Thanks for any post.
  • Mikey,
    Sitefinity 4.x recognises only teh actual domain name that the license was registered against or localhost, anything else like IP Addresses will show the trial message, regardless whether you have access to teh internet or not. In 3.7 you were able to access via IP Address, in 4.x you cannot do that anymore.

    So make sure you go to your Telerik account and download the correct license file for whatever version you are using, place it in the right place, and it will work.

  • Thanks Andrei,
    I just found out on documentation of 4.x that only works with domain names before reading your post. And thank you also repling my post!