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upload Pdf documents in news module

  • upload Pdf documents in news module
  • Hi,
    We are developing project in sitefinity 4.4
    How can we upload Pdf documents in news module
    Please help.
    Thanks &Regards,
  • I had exactly the same problem and although your post is old, this might help other people.
    I first tried to extend the current News module, that proved difficult (although guess that is not impossible, to save time I tried multiple ways...).

    The best way and probably easiest is to recreate the news module through the module builder. It only takes 20minutes to get it all ready and working pretty much exactly as the news module. You can then change the text editors as well.
    When you are creating new content types and data items you can choose  a type for Media (images, videos, files). You can then reference this on the template. Hope this helps, let me know if you need more directions.
  • Hi there
    For pdf uploading issues ,you can refer to the pdf processing control,which supports to upload,convert or load pdf files .They have detailed tutorial and online consultance,you can take a look.
  • You can convert PDF to Flash format, then the Flash can be upload to website, or you just convert PDF to Text, html the same way to upload online webpage. Two softwares could be used from PDF converter for Mac  and PDF to Flash converter.