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Cant Create User with existing email but can update it?

  • Cant Create User with existing email but can update it?
  • i am wondering what the proper behaviour is supposed to be with regards to user email address.  im using sitefinity 5.

    If i create a user account with an email address that already exists on another user account i get an error saying the email address is already in use on another account.  um, ok.

    but i can then go into that account and update the account with that same email address that is already in use on another account.  this works both through the ui and programmatically.

    so my questions:
    - is this a bug or desired behaviour? 
    - what will happen if several users have the same email address?  will it cause some weird problems down the road? essentially, do i have to worry about it?

    to me it seems perfectly reasonable that different user accounts could have the same email address.

    all explanations are welcome. thanks.
  • the way i see it, not only it is possible for a support team to have the same email address, but also, there are users that don't have an email address at all. so why not validate by username only????
  • Hi,

    Did anyone ever get an answer to this?

    I have a scenario where an exam applicant may want to use a central admin email for correspondence ( i.e they don't have an email of their own)

    So being able to create multiple users with the same email is the obvious option.



  • Hi Martin,

    Please refer to the below KB article for more details on this:'s-email-with-an-already-existing-one

    Sabrie Nedzhip
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