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Forms Notification E-mail - Field Order

  • Forms Notification E-mail - Field Order
  • I use George's sitefinity forms notification ( and when the e-mail gets sent, it seems to put the fields in whatever order it wants to. 

    Does anyone know of a way I can control the order the fields are put in on the the e-mail it creates?
  • still looking for anyone familiar with this issue.  let me know.
  • bump.  would love to know if anyone has ever used the forms notification mod and how they dealt with this issue.
  • In the FormsControlCustom.cs file there is a submit_Click event that loops over the FieldControls. therefore if you want to change the order you can do so in there. You will need to adapt to your needs.
  • I have been using Forms Notification, and find it great with the exception of the field order issue...

    Sitefinity technical support lead me to this discussion (see link below) which I found very helpful in getting my Forms Notification email ordered in a satisfactory way.

    It is the only way I have found to date that allows me to control the order of the fields on the email.