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Page keeps opening in new tab

  • Page keeps opening in new tab
  • I have one page that keeps opening in a new tab from Sitefinity navigation menu.   If you go to: and then click on Ridgemont Early Childhood Center, it will open in a new tab for some reason.  I cannot find a setting anywhere that would cause this.

    I noticed this when testing my upgrade to 5.0sp1 on my staging server, but it also occurs in production running 4.3.

    Any ideas?

  • It's tab is set to target="_blank" for some reason...hmmm if you open the page properties of another page, is anything different from that one?

    In the meantime if you're SUPER stuck, this will fix it
           $(".rtsLink[target='_blank']").attr("target", "_self");
    Just plop it into a javascript widget on the template or something.
  • @Steve
    Just wanted to tell you how extremely valuable your feedback always is and you deliver more then one can expect. A big compliment!!!

    I don't think its possible to set a value _blank to regular page.
    Was this page a redirect page once maybe?
  • It did used to be a group page that was turned into a regular page.  Would that change the target?  When it was a group page it did not open in a new page.

    I can always copy the information into a new page and delete the original to see if that solves it, and it is not a very big deal, just kind of strange.

  • ...that would probably be better than jQuery if you can do it easily

    I remember I had a bug with converting a group back to a normal page...wasn't this...but my memory sucks too bad to remember what it was :)
  • Dear Anthony
    A Group page would usually redirect to the first 'real' page find on hiarchie down.

    I would give it a try and rename special-programs  to special-programs_old

    I would try to make a new 'real' page named special-programs  and copy the stuff over and see if that changes something.

    If this solves it that might be the fastest way.