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  • Hello - Our Sitefinity website has been suffering from heavy slowdown and maxed CPU issues. Others are investigating the various possible problems. One possibility was offered up that I wanted to put forward to this community, who may have more experience with what seems to be a common circumstance. It was suggested that because our template is the base for a large number of pages, when we make a change to it, the cache is "invalidated" and requires that every page be rebuilt when visited. This means that as people browse the website immediately after a template update, the server will choke. Is this a valid issue? I would think that steps would be taken in developing the product that would allow for a template updates to be handled in a more resilient manner. Are there ways to avoid this aside from doing all of our edits in a dev environment and then publishing the whole thing to the live server nightly?
  • Dear Jerod

    While I can not answer your question it would be good to know what version you are using 5.0 or older. 

    I assume that change to templates are not done on a daily basis so the problem you described might not get the highest priority.

  • Yes, it's 5.0. We don't edit templates daily, but due to the structure of our website there are many templates, some of which are edited as often as once a week. I know that others are investigating the root of the issue, which is fairly severe. I just wondered if editing a template, or even a page, in a standard sitefinity installation during traffic hours can be expected to noticeably slow down the website. I am not so much looking for a specific cause, but more guidance in workflow and a feeling for what to expect. We are in the phase that we are developing our internal processes in regard to Sitefinity and content publishing.
  • All pages on my own site derive from a base template (there are multiples at higher levels) and curiously, I tend to have the opposite issue. I often find that if I edit the base template I have to co-erce the server to recognise the changes, often resorting to shutting shown the application and/or touching the config.web.