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Windows 2012 & IIS 8.0 & Sql 2012

  • Windows 2012 & IIS 8.0 & Sql 2012
  • Has anyone testing sitefinity in this environment ?
  • @Stephen,

    I'v got an internal development server working with SQL 2012, and it works smoothly.

    But as far as official support its a no. SQL 2012 is officially supported since OpenAccess Q2 2012 release (11th june 2012) and currently (5.0.2860) Sitefinity runs on the 2011 Q3 version of OpenAcess. 

  • Hi Stephen,

    I have tried to run Sitefinity 5.1 SP1 under Windows 8 Enterprise with SQL2012, but without success. Seems, that the IIS architecture has significant changes. Windows 7 & IIS 7.5 & SQL 2012 works without problems. In next days will I try the new Windows Server 2012. Hopefully SF runs on it. Problem is the official release of Windows 8 is at end October. Microsoft has problems with own software on Win8. For example the Zune Software is not working :(

  • Stephen,

    i have sitefinity 5.1 SP1 running on Windows Server 2012 IIS8 and Azure SQL Server
    Locally i am running it with no issues on Windows 8 and SQL Server 2012

    It works.
  • Hi Andrew,

    did you make som special setup for Sitefinity ? I have tried with standard setup routines, but they haven't work :( .... some tips ?

  • 388713_Capture.PNG

    Nothing special.
    The one thing i forget to do was to install WCF services, my back-end would not work without it.

    So i guess make sure you have ticked the right boxes when installing IIS and other things.

    Attached a screenshot the features i am referring to.
  • The WCF - HTTP Activation piece is critical for it to function, especially backend pages.
  • Hello,

    Please note that Sitefinity still does not supports officially .NET 4.5. We will update the Sitefinity Roadmap page once we plan to include the .NET 4.5 support in one of our future releases. The support for IIS 8 after the changes betwen IIS7 and 8 will also be announced.

    Stay tuned!

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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  • Hi,

    Currently we are using SF 10 using SQL2012, we are planning to patch our SQL2012 with service pack 3, will it pose a problem  or was there any reported problems with SF 10 after patching sql2012 with SP 3 ?