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Twitter Feed on Sitefinity 5.0

  • Twitter Feed on Sitefinity 5.0
  • Hi Everyone,

    I am currently having a small issue with hooking my blog feeds to my Twitter account using the Feeds and Notifications settings. I have been able to get the feed working and it is indeed displaying on twitter as intended. My issue is the content that gets displayed on twitter.
    I have opted to use the default title and link. However, in some instances the title is displaying and in others it is being cut off or not displaying at all. I can't appear to find anyone else who has experienced this, so any suggestions would be welcome!

  • Hello Alex,

    Thanks for your reply in my other post. I've contacted the Sitefinity team to ask why it wasn't working, they replied with the following answer:

    "This is a known issue. It will be fixed in an upcoming release. Not 5.1 as that version is frozen in release phase. But likely in an upcoming Service Pack."

    Maybe that's also the problem in your case.
  • Hi Rick,

    Many thanks for your update!

    I'll have to keep an eye out for the next service pack.

    Thanks again!
  • Hello,

    After following the Twitter  Feed instructions in the Sitefinity User guide, I am unable to get my twitter feed to work.  I have logged into to Twitter and set up a widget was present with the JavaScript code to paste as Step 7 says "Paste the code from Twitter and click Save.", but I couldn't find a place to insert this code in the Twitter widget.  The widget provides four options to grab your feed.  I chose "Profile" and inserted my twitter account username in the "Username" text box.

    Is there something else I need to do to display my twitter feed?

    I realize this thread haven't been updated in over a year, but my question relates to this one.  I am using Sitefinity 5.0

    Thanks in advance.
  • The widget has undergone 3 iterations

    - Release
    - Non widget, just a textbox hack (Doc you're reading)
    - 6.1 widget back working

    Sounds like you are using the first...which wont work anymore.  This is twitters fault, they changed their api.  Try to paste that twitter code into a content block in html mode.