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Suggestion For My E-Commerce Application

  • Suggestion For My E-Commerce Application
  • Dear Support
    I want to get an Open Source free CMS where I can develop my E-Commerce WebSite where user can buy/sell product . We are doing work in Microsoft 4.0 tech , we also use Flash or may be Silverlight 4.0 , Our programming languages in Java script and C#

    After Searching in Google we get lots of CMS Software provider site, I also like DNN , but some of my friends suggest me to go for SiteFinity . So I'm here . Ok, I have some  Questions, pl reply me :
     1. Is this Sitefinity free CMS , or Should I have to Pay money ? Can I able to make Shopping Cart application I mean E-Commerce WebSite Using ,  Silverlight 4.0 or Flash technology in SiteFinity?

    2. Does we need to buy any other Software than Site finity to make Online Payment application?

  • Dear DEBAL

    The link above with the text 'Pricing' could be a god starting point to get some answers to your question.

    Sitefinity is NOT open source developement
    Sitefinity has e-commerce option (option as in paid addon cfor standard version
    No other stuff needed