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Discrepancy between Sitefinity Hosting Partners and Sitefinity Memory Requirements

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Discrepancy between Sitefinity Hosting Partners and Sitefinity Memory Requirements

  • Discrepancy between Sitefinity Hosting Partners and Sitefinity Memory Requirements
  • One of the Hosting Partners available for Sitefinity hosting is Arvixe.


    When you attempt to sign up for a Sitefinity account, the recommended plan is a Personal Class ASP or Personal Class ASP Pro account.  Each of these accounts offer no more than 250 MB of memory to a single Application Pool after which the IIS Worker Process will recycle the application.

    However, when you look at the system requirements to run Sitefinity v. 4.x or v. 5.x, the minimum memory dedicated to the Application Pool needs to be run at a whopping 500+ MB!

    I have discovered that running within this limited memory space for any release of Sitefinity v. 4.x or v. 5.x (any edition) causes numerous problems the least of which is constantly being kicked out of the administrative backend due to worker process recycling.  Of course, Sitefinity does not handle this gracefully and puts you in an infinite loop of being locked out of the system due to user concurrency issues.

    Therefore, are all of these hosting solutions misleading and false advertising since Sitefinity can NEVER run within these restricted memory spaces or does Sitefinity need to go back to all of their hosting partners and state that only the top tier hosting plans can EVER support any release of Sitefinity?

    Will the Sitefinity team ever be able to run within a 250 MB restricted memory space?  When performance testing is done, are limits placed of 100 to 200 MB on the Application Pool to monitor and watch for how many times the worker process recycles while performing day-to-day administrative content operations in Sitefinity?
  • Hi Samir, 

    Have you compared version 5.x or 4.x? There is a difference in these versions and their memory usage. Please use the Community/Standard versions with the 5.x, do a deployment on Arvixe, and let us know how it goes. 
    There's something to know about the memory management in IIS. Sometimes, if the system sees that you have a lot of memory, it optimizes the application to use that memory, and the other way around. When the memory is limited, the memory management is optimized for best usage as well.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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  • I have just looked at arvixe. At first glance it looked good. I am not so sure now. When the server resets you have all sorts of great performance and everything looks good (with 5.1). However, I almost immediately noticed that I was being logged off all the time. It says someone else is already logged in. This worries me quite a bit since nobody knows about this private install of the website. 

    Also, the server has been reset half a dozen times while I was playing around with the website. Right before reset all sites on the server are nearly at a stand-still, followed by a 2 minute reset where all sites are unresponsive. Clearly, there is no hope with this "Sitefinity Partner". 
  • Dear Jaime

    When running just client side and deacivated modules like forum, blogs, migration tool and whatever you can deactivate my small business sites (not much traffic) consume less then 200 MB (150 - 180 MB) usually. 

    With lots of modules disabled I most of the time stay below 250 MB on low traffic site but it can easely go up to 350MB. I never see 400 MB usage on my low sites.

    So I think for small business sites with little changes and lots of Modules deacitvated Arvixe Personal Class should work ok.

    Arvixes Business Class has a RAM Limit of 500 MB so there should be no problem and you can run multipler sites there as far as I know.

    I was so happy with Arvixe that I have now two VPS with them and support is simply great.


  • Hello,

    We'll reach out to Sitefinity and do a test of vanilla sitefinity on PersonalClass ASP hosting and if that does not work properly, we'll go ahead and switch the landing page to promote the BusinessClass ASP. At the time we started our partnership, extensive testing was done on our environments with Sitefinity 4.x and even 4.x would run fine. Based on the above post, 5.x has been further optimized so it shouldn't have any issues at all. Of course, if you push it too much, you obviously need a larger and more expensive solution (Businessclass).. The tests were done out of the box.

    Also, I am assuming by resets, you mean application pool resets as we rarely actually reset the system. You can test whether the system is responsive by attempting to go to stats.SERVER.arvixe.com