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  • How do I modify / create a search index so that it can search content in an MVC section of the site?

    For example, given the MVC Music Store sample, how would I implement a search to search for freetext on any of the pages, and an advanced search to search for genre?

    Also, I've looked through the documentation (that I can find) and haven't found much for working with Lucene / search in Sitefinity. Could someone please point me to some resources?

    Many thanks in advance

  • Are you talking about text embedded in the Razor/HTML view pages? or text from the Sitefinity database inserted into the view?
  • I guess technically it's content in a database -- not necessarily even the Sitefinity db. Ideally, the results would come back with some context, though, and contain some of the view markup -- though I can understand this might not be possible.

    So in the MVC music store sample, if I searched for Beethoven, I would expect to get links to the specific album pages that have Beethoven albums, as well as a link to the "classical" /genre page that lists the Beethoven albums. The data for these pages lives in an external database.
  • Because this is an external DB, it could be a while before a tool like this is built for Sitefinity however it surely opens the door for someone to add this to the Sitefinity Marketplace.  In the meantime, I would highly ecommend looking at incubator.apache.org/.../ which is what Sitefinity search index is based on.  I would also add this feature to the public tracking system. 
    I hope this helps.