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Responsive drop down menu

  • Responsive drop down menu
  • I'm testing mobile add-on for responsive design. Is there any information/tutorial regarding how to create a responsive drop down menu using the mobile add-on?
    I couldn't find any information on the Internet. 
  • Check out the Educational Starter Kit:
  • Hey Yayoi,

    The University starter kit Mark mentioned is indeed a great place to start, just keep in mind the glitch they have (scale the window till it snaps to mobile, click browse. click browse again and then make the window bigger again... think portrait/landscape orientation switch).

    Brad Frost has put together a blogpost regarding 'responsive navigation patterns' with dozens of links to each best-practice. One of them mentioned is the Filament Group, they have a great step-by-step tutorial on how to go from regular <ul><li> to a responsive menu.

    On the forums here, several snippets are presented as to how to render the Sitefinity pages as a clean <ul><li>:

    CleanNav control by Aptera in the Marketplace.
    BuildMenu snippet by Rein, another one by Brandwidth and one by Josh Morales.