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Multisite management in 5.2

  • Multisite management in 5.2
  • Will the feature "Multisite management" be available in Standard Edition?
  • I've got 25 related web sites that are all on Standard edition this feature would be perfect for. Please, please do not price me out!
  • The notion of Small Business, Standard, Professional and Enterprise editions won't be present in the multisite licensing model. That is because when multiple sites are part of the same instance certain licensing limitations like load balancing, number of email campaign subscribers, granular permissions, etc. apply on a global instead of a per-site basis. The licensing model will have 4 ingredients - number of domains, number of users(shared across all sites so you can have more users on one site at peak times), features on a global level(examples above) and features on a per-site level(e.g. mobile web, personalization, etc.). For example, load balancing will be a default feature in a multisite license and it's a a 1,999 add-on for the Standard Edition so the notion of the editions as they are isn't really applicable in many cases. The pricing is not finalized yet, but you can reach out to your account manager or partner manager and start a conversation on this.